What Types of Moving Boxes do you Need?

April 30 2019

At the time of choosing moving boxes, you will have to keep two things in mind: need and cost. Get new moving boxes for moving your finest and most expensive items. Else, you can go for used ones. However, in any case, you should make sure that the moving box is sturdy.

What are the various types of moving boxes?

1.5 cubic foot moving box
This box is the most common type of box. It can carry up to 60 pounds. However, you must keep the weight under 50 pounds. This box is good for carrying books, for packing kitchen items, dishes, small appliances, lamps, etc.

3.0 cubic foot moving box
This box can safely carry to a maximum of 65 pounds. It can be successfully used to carry clothing, pots and pans and electronics.

4.5 cubic foot moving box
This box can carry up to 65 pounds. It can be used to carry larger lamps, linens and kitchen appliances.

6.0 cubic foot moving box
It can carry up to 70 pounds. However, never overstuff this box. Try not to make it too heavy. You must use this box for pillows, toys, large blankets, and couch.

6.1 cubic foot moving box
This box comes in a rectangular shape usually. These work well for blankets and comforters and cushions. You can carry many objects in these boxes, even the messier ones!

What is Lay Down Wardrobe Moving Box?

This type of box looks like a dresser drawer. Usually, it is great for packing clothing. Never over-pack this box. This is because these boxes cannot sustain bulky items. So, keep the weight off!

What are Picture or Mirror Boxes?

You can actually put two mirror boxes together to get a better fit. At the time of fitting two boxes together, go for a strong filament tape. This way you can secure them together. Also, you can handle the additional weight. Usually, mirror boxes are crafted to deal with framed pictures, artwork, and mirrors. Go for bubble wrap for framed items.

What are hanging wardrobe boxes?

These boxes do come in multiple sizes. You can get small, medium as well as large ones. You can also include a metal bar here. You can use these for hanging closet items. After all, such items cannot be packed flat! The heavy items do take up a lot of space. Most of the professional movers use these boxes to move chandeliers.

What are Dish packs?

These boxes are good for packing glasses, cups or bottles for wine. Again, do not overpack them. You can check the weight to ensure they are manageable. If you overpack dish packs, it might get your precious items broken.

What are Mattress boxes?

These boxes are not that important. Many movers use plastic bags to wrap your mattress. Plastic bags are relatively cheaper to purchase. But, mattress boxes will prevent your mattress from being punctured. The box also protects your mattress from certain external elements. Mattress boxes come in various sizes. So, choose the size wisely.

How many boxes do you need to move your items?

You need to consider various factors at the time of determining the number of boxes you need for your move. These are:

Number of people in your home
If you have a family four, you ought to have a good number of items. You will have to consider as to how many people live in your home. Make your estimation accordingly.

Years spent at the old home
If you have lived in your old place for a long time, you are likely to gather a lot of things. Make sure to de-clutter properly. Reduce the items that need to be moved. Move only those that you will use at your new place.

Number of bedrooms that you have
This is an important point to consider at the time of estimating the number of boxes. This is because bedrooms tend to contain a lot of items. Most bedrooms contain clothes as well as personal items.

Square footage of your home
If a home is large, it is bound to contain a lot of items. Thus, square footage needs to be taken into account here. This will help you to determine as to how many packing boxes you will require.

What are the most important packing supplies?

Packing tape
This is the most important packing supply. You certainly do not want to fall short of these at the time of packing boxes. Usually, tape rolls are 54-110 yards long. When you are taping the top and bottom of a box, you will need it to be this long. You can have one roll of tape for every 30-60 boxes. Make sure to get a good-quality packing tape. This will be a smart investment to make, especially when the safety of your items is a priority.

It is important to have at least one label for each box. However, it is better to go for two. Try to have more than one side covered at the time of unloading. In order to go for smart labeling, try to choose colored labels. Make sure to use a different one for each room. Thus, make the labels easy-to-read and easy-to-understand! Nobody wants a puzzle here!

Paper and bubble wrap
Make sure to purchase at least 3 lbs of packing paper and 20 feet of bubble wrap. This will work in most cases.

Go for bright markers in order to label well. When it comes to packing, try to have 1-4 markers with you. When your friends and family are helping you to pack, make sure to use these markers. You must have a ready marker always!