What is the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale?

October 16 2017

If you have decided to move in Fort Lauderdale with your family, you need to make sure that your move is seamless and quick. So, you need to hire a well-reputed moving company. But how to identify whether a moving company is right for you? You need to do a good amount of research to select the best-fit mover for yourself.Here are some basic tips to guide you to move your home office successfully:

    • High-Quality customer service

Ideal movers are those who care for your belongings as if they were their own. They are sensitive towards your attachment with your belongings. They are diligent and drilled properly to develop all the moving-related skills and knowledge. They are quick and exact in response. They have the ability to tackle any unforeseen circumstances.

    • Strong customer base

The moving company should be in a position to provide you with a list of genuine clients it has served. The customer reviews are usually satisfactory and give you a brief of the full list of the company’s services.

    • Undertaking the cost estimates

A representative of the moving company should give a timely visit to your home estimate accurate costs. The company must be transparent in showing the amount of money you need to pay before they render their services. You should be made aware of all the extra charges.

    • Well-equipped

The moving company should be well-equipped with all the tools required to move certain delicate items or specialty items. The right moving companies have great vehicles to enable a smooth packing process and transit. The company should have proficient teams of hard-working and skilled workers to manage even hectic moves well.

    • Licensed

A genuine moving company holds all the necessary licenses to conduct their services issued by the state and federal authorities. So, it is important to find out whether the company has in its possession a license before you hire a company. In case the company is unable to produce a license for operation, do not sign documents with it.

    • Storage facilities

In many scenarios, clients require a safe and secure warehouse to store some of their goods. While moving many items, you need to hire a moving company that can offer special storage facilities to you. Also, the company should have the license to store goods.

    • Efficiency in performance and speed

Moving is a time-consuming task. The time needs to be managed properly in order to wrap, pack, box, store, move and unpack things properly, safely and quickly as well. This requires diligence and physical labor. Neither the speed nor the performance efficiency should be compromised at any cost. However, the safety of the items should form the first priority for the moving experts.

    • Access to Resources

Many supplies are vital for moving. Important resources range from boxes to trucks, to shipping materials, to ratchet straps and trailers. The moving company can be reliable only when it has ready access to every resource. It should never run short of these resources. It makes things easier for you since you do not have to invest time in gathering all these resources, some of which are specially designed for moving.

With a whopping experience of 40 years in the moving industry, SMS is one of the topmost moving companies in South Florida. It provides origin and destination services in Broward County, Miami Dade County, and Palm Beach County. It prides on its professionally trained staff that makes it 100% reliable. Provide you with a seamless moving experience, this company provides a comprehensive set of quality moving services. They deal with Residential moves, Commercial moves, Specialty Item moves and others. They readily deliver Storage services, Loading and Unloading services as well as Emergency services to their customers.

Here is a list of all the services provided by SMS:


SMS provides extensive packing services for full, partial or single items during your move. They provide the entire set of packing materials essential for the safe packing of the goods. This enables the customers to do their own packing. The company provides quality crating services to guarantee a safe, quick and relaxed move.

    • MOVING

SMS offers suitable moving services for any kind of move, whether residential, commercial or specialty moves. The team takes care of every type of move, be it small-scale or large-scale. With a personalized touch, the team of professionals strives to make your move 100% secure.


SMS provides massive storage facilities to families and business offices when needed. They offer a secured storage for short term as well as long-term needs. They charge reasonable amounts for the storage facility. The storage services can be customized as per your need.


In case you have done a self-move with your rental truck, you can hire their unloading services for assistance. The team of expert movers can help you with loading and unloading of your items in a careful and safe manner.


SMS has had the privilege of working with numerous Model Home Companies. This work process involves working with builders, decorators, and designers. The team performs all essential services ranging from receiving to delivery and set-up.


SMS is well-equipped with proper tools and an experienced team. This power-packed combo assures you with the best-possible move even under threatening conditions like fire, water, tornado, hurricane etc. The company offers a full service for the families and business to aid and abet them during the time of need. They work with insurance companies as well.

The company provides guaranteed moving quotes to their customers. This ensures that every aspect of the move is fulfilled and a guaranteed price is provided. The company is fully insured with a diligent and driven set of people who are ready to guide and assist you to have a satisfactory move.

What is the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale?
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What is the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale?
Looking for best movers in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Find here the qualities of a good moving company and choose the best moving and storage services.
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