Top 5 Moving Tips for Newlyweds

November 02 2017

Moving is the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to show their brilliant teamwork! They certainly need to plan ahead of time, inventory all the useful possessions, sort out duplicate household items, manage the entire packing process, hire a good professional moving company etc. They also need to keep cool amidst all the moving worries.Newlywed couples surely need to know some special moving tips to make a successful move and start afresh family life ahead. All is well that starts well!

Here are some smart tips for newlyweds to make a seamless move:

Be wise, be early!

It is essential for newlyweds to start their moving-day preparations as early as possible. You can make a moving timeline checklist to begin systematically.

The moment you finalize a date for moving into your new home, make a smart moving schedule and start working on it. The earlier you start, the lesser stress you need to go through on an actual day. After all, rushing and hurrying in the last moment can cause you to have a nightmare for the rest of your lives! Hurrying at the last possible moment may cause you to forget to do added stress that might aggravate your tempers.

Start planning ahead at least one month prior to your moving date

This way you shall be able to avoid the possibility of misplacing items or causing damage to your items. When you are starting your new married life, most items are new and valuable. So, avoid being late to do away with any kind of messy situation.

Take the advantage of Self-Storage

Self-storage is like having an extra secure space at your convenience. You can smartly use this space or room to store any household stuff you do not need at the moment but might need shortly later. It is a brilliant tip for newly married couples who are in the middle of a transitional period.

For making optimal use of a self-storage unit, the decision to rent one has to be taken care after contemplating. You need to be sure that you need the space before renting it! If you are extremely unsure, you can consider going through your possessions one by one and reducing their quantity by giving away certain items to friends or charity that you shall not use in future. Also, you should dispose of the useless items.

Also, remember that renting a self-storage unit requires some expense that might be affordable though. Make sure you can afford the expense. Consult with each other, fix your family budget and calculate accordingly. For self-storage to be beneficial for you, you need to maintain it properly.

Say yes only to the right moving company

It is crucial for you to be cautious before taking any step related to moving. After all, you are stating your married life afresh. You should try your best to make the start in a peaceful manner. So, do not rush into hiring any moving company.

Remember you need to hire a reliable moving company. The company should have a good reputation in the moving industry. Only then can you be assured of the safety of your valuable items. Also, your move might turn out to be the very first enjoyable experience together right after marriage.

You can use the cost calculator to have your moving costs estimated

Do some research for yourself. Check out the prices of the different moving services. Check out the list of services provided. Check out the previous customer feedbacks and reviews to analyze which services are cost-effective. Invest a good amount of time on researching. Keep in mind that insured movers shall try their best to enable a safe move for your items.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

This is the right time to show the ultimate teamwork. You are aware that changes are coming fast into your life. To avoid any kind of stressor mismanagement, you need to develop good and healthy teamwork skills.

Always work as a team no matter what. Keep each other updated at every step of the preparation. Learn to compromise when you face tough decisions. Tough decisions often lead to aggravated tension. It can be a strong obstacle in your path of attaining a peaceful move. So, avoid making decisions or acting upon them solo.

First of all, you need to decide where you will stay. Are you planning to move to another city, or relocate to a new state? Make meaningful discussions with one another and weigh all the pros and cons of each moving scenario. Another major factor is deciding what all to move. Your decisions might not be unanimous. You might even clash in the beginning. But deal with it in a matured manner and eventually, you shall be able to work it out. Find your harmony by looking at the bigger picture.

Discard useless items

Among useless items, there are two distinct categories. One is the list of items that you might not need but might be useful to others. The other category is of those items that are completely useless for everybody else. The top advice for newlyweds is to pack and move only those things that they genuinely need in the future. This is the smartest tip of all that might save you a good deal of time as well as money.

Make a separate inventory list. Do away with the duplicate items. This will save you a lot of time at the time of packing your items for a move. You can try selling the unwanted items, gift them to your close friends, you donate them to charity or you can simply throw them away for recycling.

Keep in mind that when the shipment weight is reduced, your moving cost shall be lowered.

Take care of your wedding gifts. Do not unpack or unbox all your wedding gifts prior to moving! If the packaging is still intact, maintain the gift the same way during the move. The items are much safer in their packaging than in the open, at least during the move.

Top 5 Moving Tips for Newlyweds
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Top 5 Moving Tips for Newlyweds
Newlywed couples need to know some special moving tips to make a successful move and start afresh life ahead. Make your move easy with these smart tips.
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