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Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, The Acreage forms a commercial and cultural center. Import and export and international financial trade with Latin countries make up a far larger part of the economy. The bustling city prides on its large banking industry as well as cargo transport and warehousing. It is a melting pot of cultures and is full of life.

The Acreage Moving and Storage Company

The decision of moving houses or businesses or just huge items can give endless nightmares. SMS Moving has come up with solutions to all your concerns regarding the moving process. As the company is based in South Florida, it provides affordable and efficient moving services to customers in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County. With the founders having a mammoth experience of two decades in the industry of relocation services, SMS Moving is the most dependable choice if you truly desire for a smooth and swift moving process. This Moving Services is a fully licensed and insured such that it provides proper insurance coverage for your goods.

This local Moving Company comprises of energetic and drilling professionals who specifically focus on your needs and concerns and come up with prompt solutions at every step of the relocation process from start to end. The team genuinely cares for your emotions that are attached to your prized possessions. They do not spare any effort in providing full-value protection services from start to end. The Full-value protection plan is a significant plan devised to protect your personal goods from being mishandled against all odds, in the course of the shipment. Their core services are inclusive of moving services, receiving and set-up services, packing and crating services, storage services, loading and unloading services, and emergency services as well.

The Company imparts three specific types of services as follows:

Residential Moving Services

Relocating a family life is a grueling event and demands exceptional team coordination. As per an ideal Residential mover, the SMS Moving has a hardcore client-centric approach. The team’s motto is meeting all the packaging and relocation requirements of your family with extreme precision and diligence. The team makes every endeavor to personalize their services for your convenience which makes it easy and affordable for you to customize your move. Their variety of services and resources include moving homes, moving apartments or condos and moving households. In addition, they also offer moving protection services, crucial for the safety of your household goods. They believe in operating on well-framed standard of protection, reliability and stability to cater to your diverse necessities.

Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving demands services of high perfection and highest customer-focused performance. The team of dedicated professionals walk the extra mile to ensure a well-timed and planned execution with their best facilities and top-rated resources, irrespective of your company’s size. The workforce believes in the mission of providing quality service to you and your employees, relieving you of the moving pressure while clinging to your budget standards. The services include handling moves for professional businesses, offices, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, and many more. The team might come up with specific services and bring about flexible corporate moving solutions to fulfill your business expectations. Your valuable office assets such as the electronic devices, equipment and furniture are taken special care of and stored in safe and sound warehouses, if situation demands. Such an expert move management and unparalleled resources for transition is bound to make your move carefree and pleasing. With immense years of experience, they have the expertise to guide your employees step-by-step throughout the relocation process.

Specialty Items Moving Services

Moving specialty items is the biggest challenge of all. Specialty Item Moving Services refers to providing robust solutions for moving delicate or relatively fragile items such as your piano, pool table, grandfather clocks, mirrors, artwork and antiques, automobiles, furniture and several other priceless possessions. This Company makes sure that quality and hygienic standards are maintained, which furthermore guarantees the safety of the consignments and retaining of their respective value. This task is assigned to teams that comprise of drilling workforce who are trained for advanced practices that provide supply chain management solutions. With brilliant expertise, vast network and resources, they focus on your logistics needs and takes every measure to fulfill those. Their services include storage facilities such as clean and secure warehousing, individual storage vaults for short- or long-term storage, padded van lift-gated transportation, reverse logistics which refers to the process of moving items from their final destination for the purpose of recapturing their value, or rather proper disposal in case some items are useless to you, simplified supply chain logistics, trade show support,  methodical local trucking and amazing freight management. They handle your high-value items with unwavering professionalism and offer simple and cost-effective methods to carry out the asset recovery process.

Trim off your moving anxieties with SMS Moving. For free moving quotes, give them a call at 954-282-5246 or email them at One of their expert representatives shall gladly get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. You can also fill out their online Request Form to let them know your specific needs and one of their efficient expert professionals shall contact you shortly to discuss your moving concerns .

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