Specialty Item Moving Company in South Florida

SMS Moving provide crating services for your individual, residential or even business needs for items shipped nationally and internationally.

Our SMS Moving is well equipped to handle specialty items ranging from museum displays, piano, artwork to aircraft loading systems, motorcycles, large air-conditioned units and other unique items that need utmost care and attention. From larger and heavier objects to the delicate one we can handle any specialty items you have. Give us a call, so that we can plan a crating solution that helps you to relocate your items to the desired destinations safely and securely.

We will tailor our crating services for your worldly possessions, and extend our services to assembling and dismantling various furnishings and appliances. Some of the special items we move include:


Some Commonly Moved Specialty Items:

  • Pianos
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Washers / Dryers
  • High end electronic appliances
  • Pool tables / slates
  • Clocks
  • Water beds
  • Mirrors
  • Glass tops / shelving
  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • Paintings
  • Motor cycles
  • Marble
  • Bed unites
  • Ice makers
  • Light fixtures
  • Playground equipment
  • Wall units / Armoires
  • Exercise equipment
  • Chandeliers
South Florida Specialty moving company
Specialty Item Movers

It’s our privilege to help you move in South Florida. Get a free Specialty Items Moving Quote by filling out our contact form or simply call us on 954-282-5246.