6 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture

July 19 2017
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Moving in itself might make you sleep-deficient! Moreover, if you have a good number of heavy items or specialty items, then it gets all the more nerve-wracking. Most times you have no clear idea how to ascertain safety pertaining to the shifting of furniture and other valuable goods. You need to follow certain major safety guidelines in order to avoid any sort of messing-up of prized possessions while relocating from your old home to your new home. If you do not pay heed to certain safety tips while moving furniture, you could end up facing loss in some form as per the safety of your items is concerned. Furniture needs to be handled in a specialized manner. You cannot just pack, load, and unload them in any fashion you want. After all, safety while moving is all you want and need to be sure about.

The best and the smartest way to move heavy furniture is to hand the job of moving to the professional movers in South Florida. However, you need to know certain basic moving safety tips. After all, you just do cannot be a spectator when your valuable items or furniture is being moved.Here are the top safety tips for moving furniture:

Furniture disassembly

Some of the significantly large furniture pieces include king and queen-size beds, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, sectional sofas, armchairs, desks, and tables. Moving these furniture pieces might not be hassle-free entirely. No wonder furniture is regarded as the most difficult item to be moved, thanks to its elaborate dimensions, significant weight, uncomfortable shape etc. These furniture pieces will be too big to fit through doorways, hallways or flight stairs unless they are disassembled safely into its main components.

Certain items might occasionally be highly fragile and pricey at the same time. Some common examples are antique furniture. Many delicate furniture pieces comprise of breakable glass components and dainty ornaments. Special handling needs to be done for these items.

A case might arise where professional help is not affordable for you. At such times, you can take control of your move with a few close friends or relatives. The first step that you need to take is to disassemble your furniture before moving them.

Get your furniture pieces measured to see if they will fit through the door openings. Go for professional furniture movers in any case.

Reduce the probable furniture moving dangers

Just take a slow walk along the supposed-to-be exit path of your furniture and take note of any possible red signal that is danger zone. Make sure the areas, places or spots are purely safe when heavy items are being carried out of the residence. In short, identify the problematic areas and take measures to drive away the problems.

Sometimes, the outside surroundings or condition can cause bad accidents while moving heavy furniture to the moving vehicle. So the outdoor paths should be free from dust, mud, snow or ice. The space through which the moving is to be done should be free from any kind of obstruction.

Do not overload yourself

A lot of mental burden piles up as the moving day arrives closer. Try not to stress yourself physically too much as you shall already be a victim of mental stress on your moving day. Especially, in case of moving furniture, do not make it a solo event as it could cause harm to you as well as your furniture. You might be a warrior in your day-to-day life, but when moving is concerned, try sharing your task with your friends or a moving company. Make sure to get significant manpower from your close network, in case you are not able to afford to hire the moving services.

Once you have enough helpers around, make sure to get all their individually delegated tasks into a proper sync. Firstly, educate yourself on the utility of the right moving equipment and the various lifting techniques.

Get your equipment right

It is crucial for you to get the right type of tools before initiating the moving of your furniture. Often times, the furniture and specialty items tend to become heavier and trickier to relocate than actually expected to be. Some of the following tools shall help you to make the move:

  • Furniture dolly
    It is by far the most simple, useful, and efficient moving tool for lifting and moving heavy objects. You can rent a sturdy utility dolly from a local moving company or can purchase one. It is a smart investment as you can use it whenever wherever to move all types of bulky stuff.
  • Furniture slides

This tool comes handy when you need to slide a piece of furniture through a short distance or all across a room. You just need to position a slider under each leg or corner of the furniture to experience friction-free sliding.

  • Moving straps  

This tool can help you by transferring the weight from the person’s back to a stronger muscle group. These are common among professional furniture movers.

Adopt proper lifting techniques

Save your back from pain by lifting heavy furniture with your legs. Try bending at your knees, maintaining your back straight and using the maximum strength of your lower limbs. Always push heavy furniture pieces instead of pulling them. Whenever you are required to turn sideways while holding big furniture pieces, use your legs instead of your hips. Keep the pieces of furniture as close to you as possible maintaining the relative center of your body. Avoid tripping over while holding a piece of furniture as it might have bad consequences. Make slow and smooth movements. Also, keep alert and keep your eyes focused.

Wear proper clothing and footwear

Go for a comfortable outfit. You can hunt your closet as many times you want to get into your most body-friendly clothes. The garments should be made of flexible and breathable material so that you can move freely. Prefer the closed-toe type shoes with rubber soles to provide maximum friction.

6 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture
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6 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture
6 safety tips for moving heavy furniture! Hiring good movers and following these safety tips can help you move furniture more easily and without injury.
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