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Located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the city of North Miami Beach is home to several beautiful parks with picnic areas, boating, canoeing, and excellent bird watching. It also prides on its elegant waterfront properties, luxurious condominiums, and comfortable rental apartments are available in a vast array of attractive styles and prices. Recreational activities include picnicking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, bicycling, and mountain biking and jogging.

North Miami Beach Moving and Storage Company

It is no wonder that the idea of shifting makes you all paranoid and tensed up. After all, it demands months of intense planning and eventually, execution of the plan. Moreover, you can have a tough sledding in case you need to manage your office work simultaneously. The SMS Moving is here to put an end to your set of worries. This Packers and Movers believe in a simple and swift transition. It provides you a step by step guidance to make your move to your new home, simple and stress-free. Based in South Florida, it is one of the most affordable local moving companies that render services to customers in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County. It has a team of extremely well-equipped professionals to readily assist you and consistently be there at your beck and call. The fact that the founders have a tremendous experience of 20 years in the industry of relocation services solidifies the credibility of this company.

It is a fully licensed and bonded Moving Company that guarantees complete insurance coverage towards your goods. It follows the absolute Full-value Protection Plan that refers to the concept of taking extreme measures to protect your personal belongings from being mistreated in unforeseen circumstances during the transit. The core services include moving services, receiving and set-up services, packing and crating services, storage services, loading and unloading services, and emergency services as well. Summing up, the SMS Moving is one of the few reliable and reputable professional movers.

The services can be grouped into three main categories:

Residential Moving Services

Home moving is no strolling through the park as it involves moving of loads of pricey or vulnerably delicate household products that tend to aggravate the complexity of the resettlement process. The entire process needs to be performed by qualified and experienced residential packers and movers so that you can rest assured that your household items are in safe hands. This full service residential mover believes that the customer is the number one priority and thus, strives to make sure that you become a returning customer again in the future once you have used them. Starting from surveying your household to assessing your scheduling and service needs, this Door to Door mover aims for a comfortable move with a personal touch. The craft of packing, loading, unloading, and setting up the goods, is carried out with great care. These services include all forms of house moving, be it apartment moving or household moving or condo moving. One or more residential moving specialists are assigned to you who help you out in the coordination of dates, packaging and repackaging of materials etc. The team is patient and dedicated towards resolving your minute to mammoth queries. Most importantly, you can customize their services as per your needs.

Commercial Moving Services

Time runs at a faster pace when it comes to moving an entire business to a new address. This commercial mover has a team which specializes in putting forth simplistic approach even towards the most demanding commercial relocations. Thus, the main objective of the team is to simplify the process to ensure a swift and comfortable transition of your assets and employees at affordable rates. It ensures enhanced value protection and options for additional cleaning and technical services, to cater to all your moving needs. Your crucial office assets such as the electronic devices, equipments and furnitures are taken special care of. Specially designed warehouses are used for storage purpose. The extensive knowledge, experience and resources of the team make it possible to bring about seamless relocations for you and your office. The services include moving of offices, be it small or big, government buildings, restaurants or any kind of business center.

Specialty Item Moving Services

Specialty items refer to your delicate items such as your piano, pool table, grandfather clocks, mirrors, artwork and antiques, automobiles, furniture and several other prized possessions which demand special care and handling. Moving such items might seem to be even more challenging than moving homes. The company assigns this task to its highly trained fleet that is equipped with the latest trends in the industry to ensure superior quality service, guaranteed to satisfy your moving needs. These services mainly include safe and secure warehousing, padded van lift-gated transportation, reverse logistics which refers to the process of moving items from their final destination for the purpose of recapturing their value, or rather proper disposal in case some items are useless to you, simplified supply chain logistics, trade show support,  exceptional local trucking system and amazing freight management. The attentive team offers comprehensive storage solutions to handle and protect your personal belongings with utmost care, while in transit or for a longer period of time. They also come up with cost-effective packing solutions for one-time movements.

Book for SMS Moving to enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free transition. For free moving quotes, give them a call at 954-282-5246 or email them at One of their expert representatives shall willingly get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, you can also fill out their online Request Form to let them know your specific concerns and one of their experts shall contact you in no time to discuss your moving queries.

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