Moving Tips for Commercial Moves

April 12 2019
office moving tips

Commercial moves can be tough to handle, especially when you do not have it all planned! You certainly cannot do a last-minute commercial move. It can be way too risky!

Here are the top moving tips for a successful commercial move:

Notify your employees about the move

This is the very first step to go for. Do it beforehand. Usually, employees do take time to plan for office relocation. So, make it convenient for them by informing them ahead of time.

You can announce the move a few months prior to the moving day. However, in the least, do the same few weeks before the move. At the time of addressing it, you must be honest with your employees. There are likely to be changes and adjustments will have to be made accordingly. Try to be open about the changes. Do not keep them guessing until the very end. Your employees can adjust to change, but certainly, they will need to some to get into that mind space.

Prepare a checklist for moving your business

When it comes to a business move, make sure to prepare an effective checklist. This will help you to plan as to what all is needed to be done logistically. You can also write down as to what tasks each employee needs to do to go contribute to the relocation.

You will have to think about a lot of probable scenarios that can arise on a moving day. Be prepared accordingly. When you an idea, make sure to send a memo. You can also print out the checklist to pass out. You can do the same at least a week prior to moving.

Make your furniture and other items ready for the move

At the time of moving computers, you should make sure that the cables are removed properly. The cables should be placed in a specific zip locked bag that is numbered. The number should correspond to the respective computer. Your computer should have all the back-up of the info. After all, when you are into business, you ought to protect your data first.

Your commercial movers will make sure that your furniture is dis-assembled properly and transported to your new location. They ensure safe transit in usual. Try to keep a count on the furniture items that are being moved to the new address. None should go misplaced or missing!

Let your customers know

It is more than important to inform your customers about the office relocation. In case your business has a good number of customers, let them know that you are relocating.

In the beginning, you can advertise your move a least a month to a few weeks beforehand. You can post signs for flyers and announcements on social media. This can make it easier for you to spread the news.


You are likely to have many unwanted items in your current office. Make sure to get rid of these useless items before you move. You can even look into your storage closets and cabinets to search for these items or junk! You can consider donating your old electronics. You can recycle old sheets and papers.

Maintain your receipts

Receipts can be of great importance when you have decided to move your office. You must keep all the receipts with you throughout the move. Make sure to keep track of all your company’s expenses. This will help you to figure out the things that can be deducted from your taxes. You can also single out things that can be used for reimbursement.

Do update your address

This is a vital task. Get it done long before you move! Tell your customers about the new office address. Update the same on all of your physical and online listings. Update your stationery, business cards, and websites with the new address. In case your business is listed on certain local listing sites, you can assign a reliable person to update your new phone number and address. Also, make sure to change the office address on your social media business pages. This is more than necessary. Your business’s social platforms should have the new office address!

Plan for Coverage

This is important, especially when the safety of your fine office equipment is concerned. No risk should be taken here. In case your employees are doing moving tasks, you can designate one employee as the emergency client contact. This way you can enjoy seamless client support without any likely distractions.

Go for the non-essential items first

Prior to your commercial move, you will need to conduct a thorough analysis of all parts of your office. Then, you will have to categorize the items in two different categories: essentials and non-essentials. Try to reduce downtime by relocating non-essential items first. This is a clever thing to do. However, you must label all boxes properly and precisely. This will simplify the move. There are likely to be some items that are vital for daily operations. These need to be present in your old office until the moving day arrives.

Optimize storage space

This is a crucial step as well. Ask yourself if your company is downsizing to a smaller area. In case that is true, you will have to put the less used documents and files in storage space. You cannot let these items consume space in your office. Make sure to optimize your storage space. This will reduce your real estate footprint. Also, it will help cut down on overhead expenses. At the time of selecting a storage unit, the price needs to be taken into consideration.

Hire reliable commercial movers

Last but not least, make sure to hire reputed and reliable business movers. Count the years of experience! The moving company should have expertise in the field of handling commercial moves of all types. Research online and shortlist some good ones first. Then, you can visit the local offices of those moving companies, if possible. Make your decision wisely!