10 Tips for Moving and Packing in South Florida

February 15 2016

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time for the entire family. But it can also prove to be extremely stressful if things are not planned well. Making sure you pick the right moving company in South Florida, ensuring that you have everything you need and getting the entire family to your new home in one piece – well, that’s a lot to ask. But with the right planning and execution, and just a little bit of help from every family member, things can certainly be executed in a smooth manner with minimal hiccups. While there are a number of tips available online that will help you make your moving experience a memorable one, here are 10 Tips for Moving and Packing in South Florida that are sure to get you started on the right path.

1. Write Down Your Entire Plan

This is one of the most important moving tips you could ever receive. It is also one that cannot be stressed upon enough. Put your plans down on paper! The whole idea behind doing this is to provide you with a concrete structure you can use to plan your entire moving experience. Most people keep playing out their entire plan over and over in their heads. Not only does this cause undue stress but it also disturbs other activities you are engaged in. Putting things down on paper once and for all helps clear your mind. It also provides you with the opportunity to focus on important aspects of your move with an emphasis on critical aspects. By going over your plan a couple of times, you will be able to isolate possible issues that could arise when employing moving services in South Florida.

2. Minimize Your Load

Another helpful packing tip is to reduce your carry load as much as possible. The entire moving experience offers you an opportunity to get rid of items you don’t really need or items you’ve always wanted to get rid of but haven’t had the time to get around to doing it. Since moving and packing companies in South Florida charge according to weight, it only makes sense to minimize your costs by getting rid of items you don’t really require in the new house.

3. Keep Track Of Your Belongings

As part of your tips for moving, consider making a packing to move checklist of all your belongings. Ensure that you make a note of everything you plan to move to the new house. This will help you keep track of the items you plan to load onto the truck. Check off each item as it is loaded onto the truck as well as when they are being loaded off the truck and placed in your new house. Belongings getting misplaced while in transit (especially when they are shifted to storage) is a common occurrence. Realizing that you’ve lost something a few months after your move isn’t really a great way to get things back. In most cases, moving companies in South Florida will not be able to help you if you get in touch with them after a long gap.

4. Keep Important Documents Safe

While you may want to transport as many items via the moving services in South Florida, it makes sense to keep your important documents with you and transfer them to your new house yourself. While there are a number of reasons why you should take them with you in your car, the most obvious one is that lost documents can be a pain to replace, especially important ones.

5. Label All Your Boxes

This is one of the common moving house tips every company usually offers you. However, most people tend to use random names for the boxes or end up using the most common label, which is ‘Miscellaneous’. To make things easier when unpacking, make sure you label the boxes based on their contents.

6. Pick A Good Moving And Packing Company In South Florida

While easier said than done, this part of the process cannot be overstated. It is very important that you carry out adequate research on the companies you’ve shortlisted before hiring one. We have all come across people who have had unpleasant experiences with unprofessional movers. As one of your more important moving tips, make sure you end up employing a genuine moving company in South Florida, even if it costs you a little extra.

7. Look For Cost-Saving Solutions

We all love solutions that help us save money. One of the important packing tips that can help you save a little more is being a little creative. For example, you can use inexpensive plastic storage bins for items that will be stored in the attic, garage or closet when you move to your new home. They are easy on the pocket and are available at home improvement and general merchandise stores.

8. Stay Organized

This seems to pose a great challenge to most people, which is why most people appear rushed when planning a move. Having a packing to move checklist handy is the first step to getting organized. It helps keep track of your belongings and also offers you a structured plan according to which you can execute tasks.

9. One Thing At a Time

We all love trying to multitask in order to help achieve higher productivity. But in most cases, the opposite is quite true. By trying to do too much we actually end up causing more problems. One of the simple packing tips for moving is to get things done one at a time. That way, you follow a systematic order for the completion of all tasks and end up being a lot more efficient as well both in terms of time and effort.

10. Don’t Miss Out On Small Items

Since smaller items are easily misplaced or lost, make sure you pack them in small boxes and pack these boxes into a larger one to ensure safety and prevent damage.

We hope these tips are of use to you and help you plan a stress-free and efficient moving experience.


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10 Tips for Moving and Packing in South Florida
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10 Tips for Moving and Packing in South Florida
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