How to use plastic wrap for moving?

September 01 2017

There are many simple tools that come handy when the process of moving is involved. Plastic wrap is one of them. You can make use of both the household plastic wrap and the professional-level moving wrap, commonly used by professional movers. The reason plastic wrap are so popular with movers is that it does not leave any sticky residue or destroy the paint in any way on your furniture.Here are the basic ways you can use plastic wrap to make your move simpler:

Prevent leakage of water or any liquid from bottles

It is really disturbing to find that all the liquid in your bottle is leaked all over the other luggage when you arrive at your new place. You might decide not to carry any liquid at all. It is difficult though as you have so many important liquid components that you use in your day-to-day life. These liquids might include lens solution, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner etc. The smarter option is to make your bottle leak proof! You can get the caps from your bottles removed. You can then place one or two layers of plastic wrap over the opening, tightening it with a rubber band. Get the cap fitted again and your bottle can now afford to bear the transit! Follow the same steps for every liquid component starting from bathroom products to kitchen ingredients like oil, tomato sauce etc.

Wrapping your silverware

It is a good practice to wrap your silverware like spoons, forks, knives etc. Get the utensil holder removed from the drawer and wrap a two to three layers of plastic wrap around the entire set of silverware. It is now safe to place your silverware tray into a box. This ensures that your entire cutlery shall stay intact all through the transit.

Disassembling in an organized manner

You often need to disassemble large pieces of your furniture like beds, computer desks, dining tables etc. This makes the moving of heavy objects easy by simplifying the process of lifting and loading furniture onto the moving truck. However, most of you dread furniture disassembly since you fail to keep track of all the tiny bits and pieces that hold the furniture together. By the time you reach your new place, you might run short of screws, nuts, and bolts that are essential to put up your furniture piece together. Use of plastic bags prevents you from such shortage. You can easily place all the hardware into a plastic bag, get it sealed and then use a thin plastic wrap such as the saran wrap to fasten it to the bed frame or furniture piece. It now gets easier for you to reassemble each piece in one proper place.

Making it easier for moving Drawers

Moving dressers with sliding drawers is truly challenging. It is the easiest to move dressers and wardrobes when the drawers are all locked properly with the help of proper plastic wrap. It is better to use a professional-grade plastic wrap for moving purpose. Also make sure to wrap the furniture multiple times unless it is fully secure. It shall now be possible to lift and deal with these hefty pieces of furniture without posing any danger or getting the contents spilled out in the transit or while loading or unloading.

Getting MOVING BLANKETS perfectly secured

Moving furniture during transport is a critical business. Every safety measure needs to be taken to prevent these from getting even the tiniest bit of scratches during the transit. In general, professional moving companies bring moving blankets to provide suitable padding to the customers’ furniture. It is essential to keep your possessions protected and intact during transport. However, you need to take an extra step to ensure that these moving blankets stay in place during the entire move. You need to secure these protective blankets using cling wrap. You need plastic wrap for this purpose. You need to wrap the moving blanket with multiple layers of plastic wrap around it to hold it intact. You can now relax since your furniture is completely protected for moving.

Here are a few important tips to be followed while using plastic wraps:

For upholstered furniture, you are free to use plastic wrap directly on it to block the entry of dust and dirt on the item. There is no case of moisture entrapment in case of upholstered furniture as in the case of wooden and leather furniture.

If your furniture is solely made of wood or furniture, do not make direct use of plastic wrap for such items. This is because moisture gets trapped underneath the plastic wrap that might result into the furniture or leather getting warped or molded and damaged eventually.

You should wrap leather and wooden furniture in proper paper padding, followed by the use of plastic wrap above the paper padding. This successfully secures the paper padding to the furniture.

Make sure to clean your furniture before wrapping with the help of a simple duster. Also ensure that the furniture is dry before wrapping.

Get the detachable parts removed. This includes table leafs, table and chair legs etc. Just make sure to wrap these detachable parts separately. This makes the process of furniture moving much simpler and safe.

You should use large “stretch wrap” to comfortably wrap relatively large furniture.

Focus more on the corners of your furniture while wrapping. They are more vulnerable to damage without proper care. This can cause damage to walls and other furniture pieces as well. So make sure to take extra protection by covering them with cardboard or foam first followed by wrapping them with stretch wrap over that.

You can use small “stretch wrap” to secure furniture drawers and doors.

Get your appliance cords secured by wrapping them with the help of plastic wrap around the appliance.

Make the move of your furniture items safe by applying these tips and methods.

How to use plastic wrap for moving?
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How to use plastic wrap for moving?
There are a lot of moving tips you can use to make your move stress free. Use of plastic wrap is the perfect resource to make your move easy.
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