How to Unpack after Moving House

July 21 2017

Most people hate unpacking more than they hate packing! Sad but true! For unpacking, you need a stronger plan certain times, especially when you are unpacking after a move to your new home. Moving can be a tricky business as it involves a lot of emotions. Often your emotions get the better of you after you have completed shifting. Either you end up consuming a lot of time to unpack or do it the wrong way! Unpacking should be highly organized. Here are certain useful steps to help you unpack the appropriate way:

Keep the inventory list handy

Before starting the move, make sure that you have a copy of the home inventory list created by you while packing your things up. In some cases, it is the movers who provide the list.

Unpack the items that you require in your daily activities first

The first items to unpack are the vital ones. It is a common sense but often times we tend to unpack in the absence of mind. The very first boxes to be unloaded from the truck should be the one carrying the vital items. These items are usually handy and necessary for you to pass the first two days when you do not have every corner of your new place organized yet.

Do not delay organizing the kitchen

You must have a separate box or set of boxes specially containing the kitchen appliances and items. When they are labeled, they are easier to locate. Get the cupboards organized first. You can at least unpack what you need first such as certain crockery, pots etc.  Unpack the important appliances like microwave, rice cooker, coffee pot, toaster etc. that shall make your life faster. If it applies to your case, unpack the food first followed by dishwashing supplies, drinking glasses, silverware, plates, pans etc.

Work on your bedrooms

Put the beds in proper sync. Unpack the linens. Start with the master bedroom. It will make the first few days at your new place easy. At least, you should be able to sleep comfortably without much hassle. Focus on moving the furniture first before unpacking the other bedroom stuffs.

Next look into your bathrooms

Get the major things unpacked first, such as medication-related items, towels and the basic hygiene-related items such as toilet paper, hand, and body soap, shower curtain, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, paper towels, trash bags, scissors, vacuum, broom, dustpan etc. It is smarter to get these things packed in the car, rather than in the moving van.

Organize your set of furniture

Arranging furniture is a major task. Every room has a separate set of furniture. Whether they are for the purpose of adorning your room or for use, they all are equally precious to you. Large pieces of furniture require attention first.

Storage Spaces should come last

Garages, basement, and other storage space-related items should be unpacked after unpacking the rest of the items. In the initial stages of unpacking, you can use the garage space to keep vital tools that are functional.

Take breaks in between

You can take breaks in between if required. Continuous unpacking with a lot of contemplation might get you drained of energy. So, take rest in between. In fact, after you are done with organizing the major stuff, enjoy your new place for some time before resuming your unpacking to where you left.

Make the place seem familiar to you

Hanging family pictures shall help you to get a sense of ownership of the new place. It shall feel more familiar too and might even speed up your process of unpacking. You shall take more interest in decorating and organizing your new place.

Basic clothes and shoes

In case it is winter, get your coats ready. At least make sure to unpack your regular innerwear and a couple of clothes and shoes so that you are not in a dilemma if you need to attend an event or even go to the market amidst all the mess of unpacking. Make sure to give your dirty clothes in the laundry. Do not delay washing of your dirty clothes that might have piled up during moving.

Special cases

If you have a home-office, organize your cables and cords with patience. Do not rush into it as it can be a bit taxing. Getting the television and all of its peripherals in place can also be a bit stressful. So, take your time.

Decorate your home

Placing antique vases or hanging artwork in the living room should be looked into at last.

Be in your comfortable clothes

Wear clothes that make you feel safe and comfortable. Moving day outfit should be plain, flexible and should be made of breathable material so that you can remain comfortably active.

Do not choose expensive clothes as they might get dirty or even ruined in the process. Avoid baggy clothes as they might tear up on getting accidentally hooked on a piece of furniture.

Prefer shoes that are of the closed-toe type. These shoes should have rubber soles to provide a good amount of friction that saves you from slipping or other similar accidents. Footwear should also have good ankle support. A good pair of sports shoes plays a major role to help you in efficiently handling the task of unloading and unpacking. If required, you can put on high-quality work gloves to improve your grip as well as to protect your hands from any kind of accidental injury or hurt. Also, it is a must for hygiene freaks. You need to go through a lot of dirt to organize and decorate your entire home as per your expectations.

Get acquainted with the neighbors

In case you are doing the unpacking solo and you really have a lot of items to unpack, you can ask help from your neighbors. However, make sure they are trustworthy and willing to help. You need to get familiar with them before you ask for help.

How to Unpack after Moving House
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How to Unpack after Moving House
Hate unpacking after a move to your new home? Find here some tips to know how to unpack quickly in an organized way after moving your house.
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