How to Sell or Dispose Unwanted Furniture in Florida?

July 29 2019
unwanted furniture

At the time of moving to Florida, you are often told to de-clutter. You might be successful in separating the junk items from the useful ones. However, you just cannot throw away these useless items randomly. You need to dispose of these items the right way.

Say yes to donation
You might consider donating some of your items while moving. You might have to haul your old furniture to a certain location just to donate it. You can even arrange to have it picked up. Also, most of the donations can be deducted from your taxes. Furniture banks provide furniture to people who genuinely need the same, but at affordable rates. Most of these furniture banks pick up furniture straight from the house. Through the Furniture Bank Association of North America (FBANA), you can search for your nearest furniture bank.

In case you do not have a local furniture bank, you can look into your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Some of them agree to pick up as well. Thus, it can turn out to be really convenient for you. You can also go for ReStoresthat tend to pick up furniture. They resell these at a lower price.

Apart from the above mentioned probable choices, you should know that there are many homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters and thrift stores that genuinely seek furniture. You can contact them too!

Going to sell or trade?
You might consider selling your old furniture.In that case, you can go for classified websites. You can find that in these websites, there are many aspiring buyers who are genuinely looking to buy. You can actually start with Craigslist. You can even try selling through your network of social media contacts.  Also, there are multiple trade networks that should be checked out. Apart from selling an item, you can even trade it for something you truly need. This pretty much leads to a strong circular economy. There are many Facebook groups that can help you as well.

Getting your furniture picked up
You can actually appoint someone to pick up your old furniture. There are some really good companies that can serve your purpose! Genuine companies handle everything for you. You will just have to arrange a specific time for them to come by and take your old items. Some of them do intend to recycle and donate a good deal of items that they pick up.

Going for landfill
When your old furniture is destroyed in some way, you are not really left with many options. You might consider dropping these furniture pieces at the curb. However, before doing so, you need to make sure that your municipality’s curbside program accepts heavy stuff. You might have to bring these items to a drop-off location.

Tips for recycling furniture
In case your furniture is in decent condition, you might just be able to sell it. In the process, you can make some money for yourself. However, you need to stick to some common tips if you wish to sell your furniture.

Make sure to clean your furniture by wiping it down. Make sure to get rid of stains, if any. In short, the furniture should be in good working condition.

You can actually take photos of the furniture from multiple angles. While taking photos, you should make sure that the light is good. Make sure to get rid of any clutter from around the furniture. You must write down the details of the furniture. This might include where the furniture is from, its measurements, level of damage, etc.

Make sure to determine the price that you would like to go for. You can search the internet for a similar type of items. This way you can get a clear idea of a fair price. In case it is a highly valuable item, you can actually arrange for it to be valued by a local auction house. Then, you can decide how you would want to sell the furniture.

Try to advertise your furniture on a good online marketplace website. You might even make it available for auction at an auction house. Keep in mind that when you plan to give your furniture away for free, you might just speed up the process of disposing of your unwanted furniture. You can decide to advertise free furniture on an online forum. Go for popular social media sites for the same. When you choose the right way to get rid of your furniture, you feel less stress.

What are some other removal options for your furniture?

Contact your local Habitat for Humanity Restore
If you are going for a home renovation, you can call up your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They might agree to come to your place to dismantle and remove your old furniture. They can work on your doors, functional appliances, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, etc. This service is usually free! It is then that the furniture is sold at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores. This is where all proceeds go back to fund necessary activities. They usually accept donations of furniture items that are in decent condition.

Consider consignment stores
In case you are planning to downsize to a new condo, you can place furniture on consignment. Here, you will have to consider the condition of the furniture. Be realistic! As per a store’s terms and conditions, it might not accept furniture that is not up-to-the-mark!

Usually, terms vary between vendors. In case of items do not sell after a certain time period, you will have to make alternative arrangements for the items. There are some consignment stores that do offer pick up services. These are pretty much subcontracted to a moving company.  You might be required to find your own solution to deliver the furniture to some consignment stores. Make sure to keep this in mind when you are considering this option.

Try to know what kind of services are available. Weigh all the options and select one that works best for you!