How to Protect Floors When Moving

November 28 2017

It is not an easy task to protect your floors or walls of your residence while moving out. When you have heavy items to shift, it usually involves scratching or chipping of floors. However, the worst part is that it might prevent you from getting the full amount of security deposit from your landowner.

Here are the top ways to protect floors when moving:


Go for a safe home packing process

Damage to your floors can be done away with if you start with your home packing process early. The earlier you start the better. You can wrap the edges and feet of tables and chairs with furniture blankets. This protective measure shall protect wooden floors in case a furniture piece is dropped on them by mistake.

Go for cardboard boxes that are unbreakable under the weight of their content. So, go for good-quality cardboard boxes. After all, dropping of heavy items is the most common reason for damaged floors.

If you wish to reduce your overall moving cost, you should opt for free moving boxes. Ensure that you select strong containers. These containers should not be damaged from before in any way. Make sure to double tape the bottoms all packing boxes for additional protection. The weight limit of a box is 20 pounds in general. Do not exceed this weight.


Avoid the habit of dragging heavy items

Dragging heavy items like furniture pieces can be highly damaging to the delicate surfaces of the floor of your residence. The scratches or dents on wood floors or broken tiles on tiled floors may soon appear to dampen your home moving mood.


Make use of doormats

Prevent damage to your floors during bad weathers like heavy raining or consistent snowing. The main reason to fear bad weathers is that the human feet can easily get the floors dirty by introducing water, mud, salt and other forms of dirt into the carpets or bare floors of your home. This might ruin them irreversibly. Apart from floor damage, wet spots might cause you or anyone else involved in the move to slip and fall. It is dangerous to carry heavy items while walking on such floors. The smallest slip is enough to cause grave internal or external injuries to the human body.

So, to be on the safe side, place one large doormat before the front entrance, and one big doormat right after the main door. This allows one to wipe off their shoes properly before entering the house. Wiping your shoes on the doormats is a healthy practice every time before entering the house. This saves the house from any form of dust, debris, and germs. After all, these might cause health issues if allowed to enter inside.


Go for shoe booties

One serious step that you can take to prevent the damage of floors is to wear shoe covers or shoe booties. You should encourage people to wear shoe covers before they enter your home. Along with preventive door mats placed at the right entrance points, if you practice wearing the disposable shoe covers, it will help you keep water, dust, dirt and other debris from dirtying up your carpeted floors or staining hardwood, tiled, laminate or vinyl floors. The best part is that these disposable shoe covers are pretty affordable. So you can afford to purchase a good number of these booties on the Moving day or moving week. You must ask your local movers to wear them as well. Thus, it shall safeguard your floors from any kind of careless stain or damage on a moving day or while carrying out moving tasks.


Make use of old blankets or rugs

It is always a good habit to use some sort of covering to form a protective pathway through your home. It applies to any kind of floor. You should cover your hardwood or carpeted floors to keep away from dirt and water. Also, the delicate surfaces of the floor are protected against dents, scrapes, and scratches. You can make the best use of these old blankets and rugs on the Moving day. To get brilliant floor protection, you should position these old blankets and area rugs along the walkways face towards the traffic on the Moving day.

You can use certain fixators to secure the temporary floor protection created by the blankets and rugs. Thus, these blankets or rugs have no chance of moving or sliding around. Thus, it lowers the chance of slip-and-fall events.


Use cardboard to protect floors

Cardboard is usually known for being cheap, versatile and protective towards the floors. Using cardboard is one of the smartest ways to protect floors during a move. You can place large sheets of thick cardboard along heavy traffic areas during the moving days.

You might have a number of cardboard boxes that you have rendered ‘useless’. But you can use these boxes by breaking them apart and making use of the cardboard material to save your floors from dirt and mud.

Good-quality corrugated cardboard can be used as a feasible alternative to furniture sliders. These can even form temporary floor protection against furniture dolly wheels loaded with bulky household items.


Make use of floor runners

Floor runners are self-adhesive coverings made of neoprene or carpeting. Fine-quality floor runners also have a non-slip surface on the bottom. So, these floor protectors do not move or slide on Moving day. These protect stairs and home areas as well, thus preventing slipping and falling accidents.
You can purchase Floor runners for moving from online retailers. Also, you can get these at several packaging supply stores.


Use carpet masking

When you do not want to remove your carpets on a moving day, you can go for the option of using carpet masking. These are self-adhesive carpet film that creates a dependable layer of protection against dirt, mud, and water. They are easy to install with a tear-free and non-slip surface. This surface grips well, preventing accidental slips.

How to Protect Floors When Moving
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How to Protect Floors When Moving
Follow these tips and protect your floors when moving home. Find all affordable moving tips for floor protection during hose moving.
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