How to move antique furniture?

September 06 2017
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Moving furniture in itself seems to be a tedious task. Moreover, when it comes to antique furniture, it is all the more nerve-wracking. After all, antique furniture pieces are too beautiful and valuable to be mishandled! In fact, most of you are extremely attached to your antique furniture pieces since they are sweet reminders of your most cherished memories.Antique furniture is often passed down from the generation of your forefathers as a special family emblem.

International move of antiques is more than challenging. You need to take care of many issues in this case.

Here are some smart and simple tips to help you move your antique furniture pieces:

Creating a detailed inventory list

Inventory your precious possessions to keep a proper track of your belongings. In fact, make sure to create a detailed inventory list of your antique furniture pieces.

Look into every room and inventory the fine antique pieces. Make sure to note down the name, location, year and place of manufacturing, craftsman, material, original purpose, first owner, approximate value and every other relevant information. Make a note the antique’s present condition. Mark any existing damage. If possible, click high-resolution pictures of the pieces. These safety measures come into play in case you need to make a claim against the moving company after your move is complete.

Obtaining an antique furniture appraisal

Get an antique furniture appraisal as verification of the value of your valuables. Search for a reliable and necessarily authorized antique furniture appraiser to check and confirm the actual value of your treasured antiques.

Getting full insurance

It is vital to get your valuable antiques fully insured while in transit. Talk to your insurance agent and discuss the possibilities with him and your moving company to select a specific kind of liability coverage that is best suited for you.

Planning beforehand

Make sure to have every single aspect planned out right from the beginning when your valuables are concerned.

Make sure the route out of your old home and into your new place is safe and free of risks. Take and note down the measurement of the dimensions of your furniture and your doorways as well to confirm that your antiques shall fit through. Build up a floor plan of your new place. It shall be possible for your antiques to be taken directly to suitable locations.

Verify the weather conditions at your new place and make the necessary alterations in your plan if required. Usage of a dehumidifier or an air-conditioner might be needed for the safe transit of your delicate antique furniture.

Making your antiques easily movable

Get your furniture pieces empty. This makes them lighter and easy-to-transport. Thus, they are less prone to damage. Get them cleaned and dry several days before the move. Make a note of any issues such as broken elements, damaged interior parts, non-secured pieces, etc. Consult with your moving company as to what kind of equipment and special handling is necessary.

Doing the packing right

The great size, weight, and delicacy of your antique pieces makes it a tough job to pack and transport them. Hire professional packing services to keep away from unnecessary risks. Use of the most appropriate packing materials is required. Also, very efficient packing techniques are required to prepare your antiques for shipment in the safest manner. Hiring professional movers saves you from extreme time-consumption as well as energy wastage.

Getting your furniture disassembled in the proper manner

Remove any detachable elements like drawers, doors, shelves, legs, glass panels, etc. Pack each piece separately with proper care. Place small hardware parts like screws, nuts, handles, etc. in plastic bags. Then, attach these plastic bags to the main furniture body.

When your antique furniture pieces are concerned, wrap the parts in at least 3 separate layers. The 1st layer ensures surface protection; the 2nd layer ensures shock protection; the 3rd layer takes care of the outer protection.

Avoid using packing tape directly on the delicate surfaces of your antiques. After all, the tape can end up leaving sticky marks on the body.

Obtaining reliable set of helping hands

You genuinely need reliable and professional moving company to move your antique pieces. Either you ask your close-knit group of trustworthy friends to help you in the task of packing and loading your antiques onto the moving truck, else go for a top-rated reliable moving company who specialize in moving antique furniture. This is by far the safest and smartest option.

The moving experts possess incredible skills and the professional knowledge required to shift your antique furniture in a safe and peaceful way. You just need to research a bit to find the best antique furniture movers for yourself. The company should be licensed, insured and legitimate.

Keeping your children and pets away from all the chaos

Make sure to keep your children and pets away from all the chaos and panic related to shifting. This lowers the chances of occurrence of accidents and injuries.

Applying proper lifting and carrying techniques

Make sure to implement safe lifting and carrying techniques to move your priceless antique pieces around. Work out a plan ahead of your moving day in advance. Your grip should be firm and your move should be slow. You need to be more cautious and alert as well.

Avoid dragging antiques directly along the floor or lifting the piece holding any of its attached elements such as arms, rails, or wings. Avoid slip-offs of any kind. Be extra cautious while taking your antique pieces out of your home and loading them on the moving truck. Do not bring these antiques into direct contact with other household goods in the truck. Make sure to secure them well with ropes or straps so that they remain during the transit. While unloading of your antiques, be very careful.

Get your antique furniture specially inspected for damage and take measures accordingly. After all, the last thing you want is to get your pricey antiques damaged.

How to move antique furniture?
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How to move antique furniture?
Get your antique furniture move safely. Follow these tips on how to move antique furniture and protect your delicate furniture items when moving.
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