How to be Ready for Moving Day?

June 25 2019
moving preparation

Moving day can be pretty hectic, more so if you are without any preparations. Here are some tips that will help you to be ready for moving day:

Make a firm decision
You need to prepare the moving day checklist. However, it starts only after you make the most important decision: whether to hire the professional services of a top rated moving company or go for a DIY. Based on this decision, your entire residential move will play out. You need to know how to recognize the specific indicators that will give you a hint which way is best for you in every way. You need to keep certain crucial factors in mind such as money, time, safety, reliability, etc.

Focus on setting your own moving calendar
When you are preparing for moving day, you must follow a good schedule where the tasks you are expected to do. You need those to be presented in a logical manner. When you have your personal moving calendar, you can organize your pre-move time in a way. This way you don’t waste a single day. You can start filling up your calendar with personalized and prioritized move related jobs.

Create an inventory for your entire home

The first task needs to be the preparation of the inventory of your house or apartment. This step has several benefits. It will help you sort out your possessions before the packing marathon starts. It will help you to create a packing list to know what each moving box contains. You can keep constant track of your belongings throughout the move. You can have your moving costs estimated by sending the ready inventory over to a cross country moving company.

Remove all the unwanted stuff
At the time of preparing for moving day, you should make sure that the weight of the overall shipment is maintained and managed well. The weight will have a great impact on the final relocation bill. Thus, the fewer items you decide to move to your new residence, the less money you will have to pay in the end. So, it is crucial for you to mark down in your inventory sheet all the household items that are not worth moving for one reason or another. You can then just get rid of them. You can sell some of them online or at a pre-move sale, gift them to friends or family, donate them to charity, or try some other mode to get rid of this stuff.

Start with the packing process beforehand
It is the important pre-move task ahead of you. The earlier you realize the same, the better for you! You need to start thinking about packing as early in your preparation for moving day as possible. The rooms you take care of first should be the hardest ones to pack. Keep in mind that packing an entire household is not a job for a single person. So, make sure to get help from your good friends or from professional packers.

Consider the well-being of your kids and pets
Things can pretty much get messier when kids or pets are involved in the moving scene. You do not only have to worry about their safety, but you also want to make sure that they are your allies and will cooperate with the tough preparation for moving day. Their safety and well-being is your number one priority. When you have dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, etc. as pets, you are too much concerned about their safety as well. So, plan arrangements beforehand. Try to keep both small kids and pets away from the relocation action.

Try to get the friendly help you need
You will certainly need some assistance from your good pals at the time of moving. Remember that your friends or relatives have their own busy schedules. So, you need to reach out to them early enough. Keep in mind that they are under no obligation to give you a hand. So, you need to be delicate and gentle when dealing with this matter.

Start preparations ahead of the moving day
You need to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the detailed moving day checklist. This will help you organize your time and guide your actions during the moving day. You must take a look at the long list of things you will need on moving day.

Maintain your peace
In order to keep moving bedlam at a minimum, you can take a few necessary steps. Try to print out this page, and check off the tasks. Keep in mind that most of these items can be done ahead. Thus, do yourself a favor and get organized the day before. Thus, on your moving day, you’ll be ready to supervise the whole affair. You will have fewer worries.

Consider packing special items for the kids
When you have kids, try to pack a box of their “special” items. These should include things that they’ll want to have nearby as soon as you all arrive at your new home. Try to point this box out to the driver. This way it’s one of the first to be unloaded. You might want to arrange for someone to take care of the kids while the movers are packing and loading your items. You can arrange for the caregiver to bring the kids back home before the truck leaving. After all, it is important for young children to understand where their items are going.

Try to reserve a parking space for the moving vehicle
When you live in a congested area, consider recruiting some friends and park all of your vehicles one after another in a space close to your home. Try not to move them until the truck arrives.

Go for clear walkways
You must make it safe and easy for your movers to get in and out of your house by removing all the possible obstructions. You must move potted plants and planters from the front porch, walkways, and driveways.