How much does it cost to move?

May 31 2017

You all might take great interest in analyzing your average moving cost. The thought regarding the cost is very likely to come to you at an early stage when you have just started planning with your move. However, it is never that easy to estimate since it depends on an endless list of factors like the moving company, the weather conditions on the specific day, how many specialty items you need to move, how quick you need the move to finish and so on. In a certain aspect, money has the power to make your complicated move a simple one. There are a lot of other means too that can assure you of a relaxed move, but money is by far, the most reliable one.Be it a local move or a long distance one, the first step that you need to take is to decide which moving company to pick. As far as the average moving cost is concerned, this content shall help you estimate it in a systematic way.

As per the American Moving and Storage Association, the average moving cost of a state-to-state household is approximately $4,300 for a distance of 1970 km. The average cost of a local move is about $2,300 that indicates 4 movers at $200 per hour. These average moving costs are meant for a cumulative package weight of 7,400 pounds.

The most lavish option to move your package is the full service moving company.

In case of an inter-state move, the relocation cost depends on the following factors:

  • distance between the two locations
  • total mass of the package you need to transfer

The cost is generally evaluate on an hourly rate and is different for different moving companies.

For the average cost of a local move, here are the basic factors that come into consideration:

  • It depends on the location of both the old and new homes.
  • The amount is usually charged on an hourly basis irrespective of the type of activity that is being carried out. Whether it is packing, loading, moving or unpacking again, the hourly rate remains constant for the moving services.
  • The travel fee refers to a kind of fee that makes up for the expenses in terms of fuel and time taken for your local moving. The travel fee is equivalent to 1 hour of standard move related work.

The estimated average moving price for a local move is $25 per hour for a mover. But, this amount depends on where your location is.

Most moving companies do not demand additional charges. In case you take pride in packing your own belongings and spare the help of a moving company, the expense might be a bit lower. Packing cost is almost similar to the moving cost. However, packing on your own is no easy task.

There are a few supplementary local moving costs that might be inevitable depending on your case:

  • Packing and unpacking services that charge approximately an amount in the range of $25-$35 per hour, include the cost of packing materials as well.
  • Your local move might get complex with an elaborate set of stairs, long distance between the moving vehicle and the actual home or apartment or excessive heavy items that are inconvenient to carry even for a group of men. These factors might influence the final price and increase it by a little margin. It is better to clearly discuss such extra costs before starting the moving process or even hiring the company. Analyze well and hire only after that.
  • There are times when the moving team does a brilliant job, much beyond your expectations. They might be able to impress you be a speedy move or by taking immense care of your specialty items. In such cases you might feel they deserve accolades and reward them with good tips in the form of cash. It also reflects your etiquettes. Tipping is not a compulsion but is something that affects your conscience and is also greatly acknowledged by the well-deserving team members. It might increase the total moving cost by approximately 10%.

Ways to reduce your average moving cost:

As per the human nature, you always wish to cut down your budget in every aspect. In case of lowering your moving cost, you need to do a bit of research. Always get the detailed moving cost calculation with the help of the free moving quote. Here are certain valid means by which you may reduce your costs while shifting base:

  • Pick an economical moving company
    You need to engage yourself in a good amount of research before zeroing in on a single moving company. Look for certain criteria such as experience, reputation,customer feedback, credibility, the overall services they provide and most significantly affordability. However, do not make a rash decision just looking at the moving cost on which the company operates. Check all the above criteria and then see if the estimated expense fits well to your budget constraints.
    • Valid offers

Many times, certain movers come up with various offers such as reasonable discounts etc. you should always compare these offers because there shall be too many of these to baffle you! However, do not go for too low a price, especially if you need to move your costly items as well that need specialized care. Check the additional services the company imparts and their respective rates.

    • Prepare a smart schedule

The day that you schedule for moving matters a lot. Moving costs are reasonably higher during summers, weekends, beginning and end of a month and during holidays. So, it is clear that you need to select uncommon days to get your job done at a low price.

    • Dismiss the unnecessary goods

It is always a smart decision to discard the unimportant belongings. There might be certain items that might be memorable ones for you but practically are of no use. Moreover, if such objects are really heavy and inconvenient to carry, then don’t even give a second thought before dismissing such items.

How much does it cost to move?
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How much does it cost to move?
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