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Located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the city of Hialeah gardens is characterized by many hotels, restaurants, cafes, variety of boutique shops, shopping centers and a decent number of parks such as Joe Sherron Park , for recreation. Comprising of all the basic amenities, it also consists of art and photography centers.

Hialeah Gardens Moving and Storage Company

Moving can give you tough times in your life, with its fair share of some unpleasant surprises. However, you can bounce back strong if you have the proper support of the best moving company. The SMS Moving is a perfect choice if you want to have a quality moving experience. It believes that the end result should be a simple, swift and stress-free move, as per the customer satisfaction. It provides you with a step by step guidance to make your move relaxing. Based in South Florida, it is one of the most affordable local moving companies that render services to customers in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County. The fact that the founders have a whopping experience of 20 years in this industry solidifies the credibility of this company. It has a team of extremely well-trained professionals to readily assist you from start to finish in your moving journey. This Packers and Movers aims at putting forward a simplistic and systematic approach, no matter how easy or how complex your relocation is.

Fully licensed, insured and bonded, this Moving Services has adopted the very significant Full-value Protection Plan that refers to the concept of rendering superior quality of protection and moving services to ensure that your valuables retain their original quality and value against all odds, during the shipment, such as extreme rain or theft or any other threats. The major services of the expert mover include moving services, receiving and set-up services, packing and crating services, storage services, loading and unloading services, and emergency services as well.

The Company renders three specific types of services as follows:

Residential Moving Service

Moving home is an exceptionally irksome event in everyone’s life. It drains you of your life force energy so much so that it becomes hard for you to handle even trifling jobs. All you need to do is to get the assistance of a proficient, experienced and committed service provider. With the resilience to mould themselves as per your personal needs, the SMS Moving offer the most comprehensive and quality oriented moving services to you by understanding your needs to the fullest. From surveying your household to assessing your scheduling and service needs, this Door to Door expert mover aims to provide you a comfortable move with a slight personal touch. The craft of packing, loading, unloading, and setting up the goods, is carried out with intricate care. They have a quality centric approach towards your goods and makes sure to provide you with the best equipped storage facilities. They make sure that your household items are safe in transit, so that you can enjoy a peaceful and swift transition to your new home. With the ease of affordability, they offer services that include all forms of house moving, be it apartment moving or household moving or condo moving.

Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moves can be an traumatic event as it involves moving of a huge quantity of electronic devices of the entire workforce of the office. These services include moving of professional businesses, be it big or small, offices, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, and many more. Their well-equipped team makes every possible measure to incorporate every latest technique to make the office relocation process a highly secure and pleasant experience for you and your employees. The workforce believes in the mission of providing quality service to you and your employees, relieving you of the moving pressure while clinging to your budget criteria. The team might come up with specific services and bring about flexible corporate moving solutions to fulfill your business expectations. Your valuable office assets such as the electronic devices, equipments and furnitures are taken special care of and stored in safe and secure warehouses. With several years of experience, they have the expertise to guide your employees step by step, throughout the relocation process. With an expert commercial move management, they tend to operate with full effectiveness and accuracy. The team of dedicated professionals walks the extra mile to ensure a well-timed and planned execution with their best facilities and top-rated resources, without taking your company’s size into account. Their warehousing service and prompt team co-ordination addresses the needs of your business as well as budget concerns.

Specialty Item Moving Services

Moving a notoriously delicate water pool or piano is far more petrifying than moving home, though it not might appear so. Specialty Item Moving Services refers to authentic solutions designed for moving delicate or relatively fragile items such as your piano, pool table, grandfather clocks, mirrors, artwork and antiques, automobiles, furniture and several other prized possessions. This Company makes sure that quality and hygienic standards are maintained, which furthermore guarantees the safety of the consignments and retaining of their respective values. This task is assigned to teams that comprise of drilling workforce who are trained for advanced practices that provide supply chain management solutions. They handle your high value items with unwavering professionalism and offer simple and cost effective methods to carry out the asset recovery process. Their services include storage facilities such as clean and secure warehouses, individual storage vaults for short- or long-term storage, padded van lift-gated transportation, reverse logistics which refers to the process of moving items from their final destination for the purpose of recapturing their value, or rather proper disposal in case some items are useless to you, simplified supply chain logistics, superb freight management, well-planned local trucking and trade show support. With brilliant expertise, vast network and resources, they focus on your logistics needs and take every measure to fulfill those.
Make your move comfortable and experience the change for yourself with SMS Moving. You can dial 954-282-5246 or email them at info@specialtymovingservices.com to get absolutely free moving quotes. One of their expert professionals shall shortly get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have. You can also fill out their online Request Form to let them know your specific needs and one of their representatives shall contact you in a soon and readily help you out with your moving queries .

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