5 Tips for Moving in Summer

July 10 2018

Moving out in summer can be a daring task as in a hot climate, energy levels tend to droop and the body gives up in extreme conditions. On top of that, when you don’t have convenience and a large number of boxes are in the frame to be shifted, things might get uglier. It`s also that you might be moving from a hot climate to a cold one. In this case, it`s necessary that you adjust with the climatic conditions else you might fall ill.

But if you approach it smartly, you can handle this whole process of moving out efficiently. First thing to note is that, while moving out in summers, you will have to pay heed to the logics which solves half of the queries. Besides, just follow these five points:

  1. Wear right clothing- tight and dark coloured clothing will make things worse for you. In the sweaty and humid conditions, tight garments can leave rashes and itchy red marks on your skin. Scratching these areas can give you infection too. On the other hand, as science proves that dark colour attracts heat, wearing dark shirt or collar t-shirts will make you feel warmer. As the whole day will require you to be on your toes every moment, combating the ravaging heat can turn out to be a very big challenge for you. Try to wear some light coloured loose clothing. On the day of moving, track pants and a loose t-shirt are a perfect blend of comfort.
  2. Bring water- make sure you have ample quantity of clean filtered water at home while moving out. To keep off the intense heat and prevent dehydration of the body in extreme conditions, drink plenty of water every hour. In hot climate, the human body tends to dehydrate more frequently and a scarcity of water in the body will certainly aggravate the condition. Also, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. On the exposed parts of the body to sunlight, make sure you have applied suns cream. It would prevent the skin from getting tanned.
  3. Move on the least busy days- plan out the day of moving in ahead and set the date In the middle of the month specifically. The beginnings and the ends of the month specially are busy days for the moving companies and expect no company to lower their rates during these days. It`s only on days like in the middle of month when business is low and you can have a rebate on your final price.

    If you will move in these days, you can get a better price from the company. If you are willing to move out on Saturdays and Sundays, since it`s weekends, the moving companies might charge you a big amount. So, it`s always better to decide a day in the middle of the month in advance.

  4. Hire professional moving company-hiring a professional company helps to an extent that it not only ensures safety and security of your belongings, it ensures a calm and smooth journey for you too. In case, your journey is overnight extending to more than 24 hours and on top of that, in a hot and humid climate, your travelling will definitely run you nuts. Ensure that you hire a professional good rated, moving company that makes the best arrangements for you while moving.

    Especially, when you have pets, children and elder family members, it`s very important to provide them a comfortable journey. Their health should be the biggest concern and thereby hire a professional company that guarantees a perfect smooth travel.

  5. Be careful when packing and moving heat sensitive items- here, you are required to give attention to all those items which are directly affected by heat. Various items come under this category. Firstly, inflammable items like gasoline, aerosol paint, kerosene, LPG cylinders, heavy batteries, inverters etc. should be the ones you should sort out and arrange for their separate moving. If possible, eliminate and dispose of the maximum possible items of these. Battery sets and inverters should be first checked and then openly transported. Secondly, fireworks, toxic substances and other explosives (if you have any) shouldn’t be at all packed alongside the normal boxes. For them at first, you need to seek permission from the local police station and inform them that you are carrying these items. You also need valid papers backing and justifying the transport of these items. Carry a valid gun license with you as in case of crossing border of a state, these are verified by the officials.

Inform your moving company in advance and carry all these heat sensitive items separately in a cool atmosphere. In the hot and humid summers, carrying these things on a long journey openly without any precautions is not justified at all.

Keep children and elder members of the family away from heat

While moving, it falls as your responsibility to keep your children and family members off heat for the maximum time possible. This is because a heat stroke is enough to make them sick. Dehydration and fever can hamper your journey. Arrange special facility for them by getting in talks with the moving company. In case, the journey is long, make sure that they eat well and have supply of cold water all the time.

Make special arrangements for your pets

Your pets also need special attention as moving them in soaring climate can be detrimental to health. In these intense summers, animals tend to dehydrate more often and vomiting and fever take no time to come and engulf them. Moreover, you can face some serious issues if they fall sick in the midst of the journey.

Do best for their comfort and good health. Keep them supplicated with water every hour. See, that the animal doesn’t remain in the open for too long. Carry them alongside your family in cool controlled atmosphere. This would prevent them from falling ill and getting dehydrated. In case of emergency, keep in advance the required medications which can be given to the animal.