5 Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

July 22 2017

Moving is taxing. Sorting and packing all of your beloved items require time and patience. The worst part is that you might not even enjoy doing the task. However, you just need to console yourself by saying in your mind that you are getting started for a new life, probably a better life.Sorting and packing is a time-consuming and strenuous task. You need to come up with new innovative ideas to make it less tiring. One of the easiest ways to make the task of packing easier is labeling your belongings. It is a proved fact that labeling always makes it easier for us to be more organized, whether at work place or at home. Moreover, labeling hardly takes any time, right? But the truth is that it saves a decent number of your hours at the time of final packing. No label might mess up things. You might not be able to sort out your essential kitchen or bedroom items in the initial phase of unpacking when you shift to your new home. Finding a lost item at the time of shifting can actually make you lose your cool and make your moving experience pathetic.

Here are the top five tips for labeling moving boxes like a pro that shall save you from any kind of messing-up:

Colored symbols for items of specific rooms

Colored dots or any other symbols can be used to indicate which item belongs to which room. Preferably, one box should contain the items that belong to a specific room. For instance, a particular colored symbol on the boxes might indicate that the items belong to the bedroom. Same way some other color might imply some other room. Make sure the colored symbols should be bright, apparent and big in size. Also they should be marked by permanent makers. Else, rainfall can wash the mark away and get you into a complete dilemma amidst mess. Also, if you are following this sequence, make your hired movers aware of the pattern. It would make things easier for you as well as the movers while doing the packing, loading and unloading of the boxes into and from the truck in a systematic manner.

Use special labels for boxes containing fragile items

It is vital to mark boxes that contain your delicate and fragile belongings. Most of these items might be pricey and all the more precious to you. So, to guarantee a safe move for these special stuff, use moving box labels. You can purchase special moving boxes. You can find stickers to label items as fragile as well as to indicate which side should remain up.

Fragile items might include fine china and crystal. Professional movers should be hired if you contain too many of these dainty items. They know the proper handling and packing methods for these specialty items. After all, you would do anything to save and preserve these precious belongings.

There are many websites that offer free downloadable and printable moving box labels. The easiest-to-use are the Ready-to-use labels that are already marked with the names of different rooms.

Label in sequence of unpacking

After packing things up in boxes, you can label the boxes in order of their unpacking after you relocate to your new home. This way you shall not get all baffled up while doing the unpacking. In general, after moving, you will first want each box to go to its respective room. From there, you shall want to unpack the most useful items first so that you start living without much hassle. For example, towel, toiletries, clothing, cooking pan need to be unpacked before unpacking artwork or storage stuff.

Daily use objects should be bundled together at the time of packing. The boxes used for these daily use items should be labeling moving boxes with a sticker or pen. Thus you shall be saved from hunting your daily necessity products and take the trouble of opening numerous boxes and wasting time.

Make a copy and attach Inventory Lists

Attaching a printed inventory list to each box is one of the rock-solid ways to maintain organization while moving. You can find items within a fraction of seconds and even plan how to unpack each box. When you have a good number movies, books, and documents, taking out prints of inventory lists is a must. As per your choice, you can either go for self-adhesive paper or simple plain paper for the box. All the corners should be secured to avoid your lists getting ripped off during the process of moving.

Use permanent thick markers

You do not need to maintain too many rules while the process of simple labeling. However, you need to take care of one little but important thing. The marker you are using should be thick and large. The larger the marker, the brighter impact shall it create when you label. This way your boxes shall be easily recognizable even from a distance. Moreover, if you have a relatively small handwriting, thick markers are a must. It shall help you write distinct manner for your movers to easily identify and act accordingly. At the time of moving, you cannot spend too much time talking or giving instructions to your movers. You simply need to make little but clear gestures so that they understand which items are more delicate and require special handling. Large markers in a various colors can make the task of identification extremely easy.

It is true that your pen can also do the job of labeling, but its impact is nothing when compared to a high quality permanent. Moreover, remember you are not labeling for fun, but to maintain system and organization. Also, you never know what kind of weather you might have to experience on a moving day. So, to be on the safer side, use a permanent, smudge-free marker to ensure your boxes will be easy to read and easy to be sorted out when required.

5 Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro
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5 Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro
It’s important for you to stay organized while packing your boxes on moving day. Find out here some great tips for labeling your moving boxes like a pro.
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