5 Super Fun Things to do before moving away

December 28 2017

Most of you might be of the opinion that moving has no relation with fun! This is because you need to be logical while conducting your move. In fact, most of the moving experts would confirm that the two concepts are mutually exclusive. Along with physical exhaustion, moving also involves emotional drainage.

However, if you wish you can spice your move up! After all, students love to study when the element of fun is incorporated in the education system. Same goes for moving as well. In order to enjoy your move and make it a success, try adding fun elements to your moving process. You can bring about some sort of pre-move entertainment so that you can at least make an effort to enjoy that unique period in your life. You should embrace change in a fun manner.


Top 5 Fun Things to do Before Moving Away:

Organize a grand farewell party with your best friends

The most authentic way of introducing fun to your move is to throw a grand farewell party where you invite all of your good friends. Also, the timing is perfect since you ought to meet all of your good friends at least once before you move. So, it is a combination of fun and logic! It certainly is not that fun to say goodbye to some of your best friends. However, it is still a better idea to meet all of your friends before you move.

Be prepared to be a bit sad as the party ends! However, you shall not repent it since you would feel great after meeting all of your genuine friends. You shall actually have the unique opportunity to see all of your close friends to have gathered in one place and to spend some fun time with the people who do matter in your life. It would be great to see all of them talking, reminiscing, discussing, joking, laughing etc.

However, you do not have to waste a lot of time in preparation for that informal get-together with your favorite pals. Make sure to arrange refreshing drinks, delicious snacks and nice music in the background as well to set the right mood for the party. These small arrangements are enough to keep the good mood for hours. Make sure to exchange your contact information with your closest of friends. Wish them for future success and you can even start making plans for future trips or meet-ups with your favorite group. After all, you want to be in touch with then even after you have moved to another city in another state.

If you are interested in business, you can even decide to mix business with pleasure here. You can organize the moving-away party after your friends have helped you pack for the day. You can certainly take help from your close group of friends, especially when all of them have gathered at one place!


Take a final tour around your old place

Certain times you fall in love with the place, even more than with people living in the area! In case you do not go for an emergency move, you can find ample time to have one final tour around the town or city that you are about to leave soon. You must have your own favorite spots in and around the place that you live.

Be it the temple in your town, the small lake, the hiking trail in the forest, the secret beach spot, a large shopping center, or an exciting city museum, it can be a lot of fun to re-visit those favorite spots. Some of the places might be exclusively special to you as you can associate certain precious memories with them. So, never miss a chance to visit these places before you move out of the city or state.

You can consider organizing the last tour with one or two of your best friends. A trip with a few close friends might be all you need to get recharged yet again before the move. This shall even give you an ideal sense of goodbye that should enable you to get a closure.


Capture the memories of your old home

You might not realize until the very last moment as to how much attached you are to your old place. If you have lived at this place right through your childhood to adulthood, it might get the best of your emotions! However, try your best not to leave the place on a sad note.

You can capture a bit of those great memories by making a farewell video or creating a photo album of this old residence. With the help of your digital camera or Smartphone, take a lot of photos that you can later arrange for awesome photo albums.


Reward yourself after the completion of the move

If you are fortunate enough, you shall be blessed with a perfect move. So, make sure to reward yourself after the actual move is complete. There should be a post-move treat for the efforts and energy you invested in moving house. You can take a break from packing up your stuff by catching up with a movie with a few good friends or have an entertaining evening at a happening club. You can try out some other recreational events as well, whichever excites you. This can recharge you. You might even plan out a romantic evening with your spouse.

It is very important for you to make an effort to release some of the cumulative stress while moving home.


Take interest in adorning your new home

Keep in mind that the real fun is awaiting you right after the move. Take every measure to make your new home a cozy one that you have always wanted. Get rid of all the household items you won’t ever use again. Keep in mind that you need to start anew. Keep the new place as organized as possible. You might bring out your creative side in planning out new designs and techniques to beautify your new place.

5 Super Fun Things to do before moving away
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5 Super Fun Things to do before moving away
If you want to make your moving fun, follow these 5 fun tips. In order to enjoy your move and make it a success, try adding fun elements to your moving process. You should embrace change in a fun manner.
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