Moving Checklist: What to Do When Moving to a New Place!

June 13 2016
At some point in time, we all come across a situation where we are required to plan a move, either for ourselves or for a loved one or a friend. Having a reliable moving checklist will tell you what to do when moving to a new place. In addition to that, it also helps you organize your activities and minimizes the chances for mistakes. Planning your entire move end-to-end with the help of a checklist for moving is an absolute must, which is why we hope this list will assist you with your move, whenever that may be.Planning residential moves and business moves require different aspects to be kept in mind, which is why you require different checklists for moving. Also, planning well in advance will help you segregate and organize your tasks in a systematic manner and will make things more manageable. It will also go a long way in helping you reduce your stress and minimize the chaos that is typically experienced during unplanned moves.

Household Moving Checklist

Things on your household moving checklist you should check off a month before your move

1. Get in touch with a moving company
Take out time to evaluate several different moving and packing companies based on the different services they offer. Narrow down your list to a final few and then finalize one. Once you have finalized your movers and packers according to your moving planner checklist, call them up and book their services for the date you plan to carry out your move.

2. Plan your packing process using your moving expenses checklist
This is an important part of your moving checklist. There are several companies that offer you packing services but some also offer you the option of packing your own belongings. This is a personal choice and will depend on the number of items you are planning on moving as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend. Packing up your items yourself can help you save on moving costs.

3. Begin your cleaning process
If you plan to pack your belongings yourself, make sure you purchase the appropriate moving boxes and necessary packing materials. Once done, you can start cleaning out your closets, the garage, the attic and any other storerooms.

4. Use your checklist for moving to minimize your load
Most packers and movers charge according to weight. Therefore, it helps to minimize the number of belongings you plan to move using your moving checklist. There are several ways to get rid of items you do not need anymore or do not wish to carry along with you to your new house. You can have a garage sale if you have the time for it or donate them to charity. One great way to segregate the items you wish to take from the other is by first going through all your belongings and deciding which items are in a usable condition. Then decide on the items you’re sure you will use at the new place and pack them up. You can then safely get rid of the rest without worrying about losing items you might need later.

5. Update your new address
This is another important item on your checklist for moving that you shouldn’t miss out on. While making moving checklists, most people tend to overlook this aspect since it isn’t something that readily strikes you amid all the chaos. Make sure you notify all important companies like your banks and insurance companies, clubs and other organizations of your new address.

Things on your moving checklist you should check one to two weeks before your move

1. Get ready with your preparing to move checklist
This is basically a list of items and activities that you will need during the final stages of cleanup before your move. Putting things down on paper will ensure you do not miss out on anything during the hustle and bustle right before your move.

2. Disconnecting services specified on your moving checklist
Ensure that you carry out all the necessary procedures for disconnecting the gas, telephone and any other connections in the old home, and apply for refunds that are due to you. Cancel all other services such as newspapers, cable TV, cleaning help, lawn maintenance etc. and clear all outstanding dues.

3. Scheduling utility connections you need in the new house
In the same manner, ensure that your checklist moving includes an item to schedule necessary connections for the new home. As far as possible, ensure that these services are available upon arrival at your new home.

Things on your checklist for moving to do a couple of days before the move

1. Cleaning up the refrigerator
Make alternative arrangements for food for the last couple of days before you carry out your move. Clean up your refrigerator and then defrost and dry it completely before packing it.

2. Preparing for incidentals
Ensure that you have enough cash on you just in case any unexpected expenses pop up. You don’t want to be running around at the last minute to take care of such expenses, especially when you ought to be supervising your move and making sure everything goes as planned.

3. Wishing your neighbors goodbye
Last but not least, though this may not be an important item on your checklist for moving, make sure you wish your neighbors goodbye.

As a side note, making your moving checklist printable offers you an added advantage – it can be used by everyone involved in the packing and moving process. Most of the time, the ones who plan the move tend to write down all the activities and tasks they’ve planned in their own handwriting, which can cause confusion for others involved. Therefore, having a printable moving checklist can prove to be very handy during your move, especially if you have many people involved and are in a hurry.
We hope this moving checklist has been of use to you and we wish you a happy moving experience!

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Moving Checklist: What to Do When Moving to a New Place!
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