When the unpredictable rain comes down on your moving day, you might go into a dilemma. Rain is an unpredictable […]

Can Florida Movers Move in the Rain?

movers move in rain

When the unpredictable rain comes down on your moving day, you might go into a dilemma. Rain is an unpredictable factor when it comes to the weather, especially in Florida. Even the weather forecasters are not able to foresee it certain times. Rain can easily slow down your entire relocation process in Florida. You might even have to cancel your plans in the worst case scenario.

However, professional Florida moving company usually are prepared for such unforeseen circumstances, right from the beginning. So, make sure to go for a well-equipped moving company that has several years of experience.

What you can do to take precautions?

You can watch the weather reports when your moving day is approaching. Accordingly, you can communicate with your Florida moving company. In case it is calling for 60% chance of rain or better, check if they have any other days available and reschedule your move.

However, if it’s too late for that and moving day is already here, your movers will still arrive as scheduled.

Here is a bunch of smart things that you can do to make a smart move even during the unexpected rain:

Get the truck closer
You must try to get the truck as close to the door as possible without getting in the grass. Keep in mind that a saturated ground and a fully loaded moving truck are not favorable during the rains.

Make a smooth carpet
Make sure to lay something on your floors. This is an important step to take so that the wet shoes and wet dolly don’t make a mess inside your home. It usually needs to be something flat that won’t trip them up. They usually make a carpet shield material that comes on a roll and sticks to the carpet.

Make friends with towels
Consider keeping towels handy. Thus, when the movers bring in your furniture, you can easily wipe it down that will eliminate damage from the rain.

Exercise patience
Try to be patient. Keep in mind that moving in the rain slows everything down.

Get Garbage Bags
Usually, plastic trash bags is a common go-to rainy move day tip. They can be easily put over a stack of clothes on hangers. You can poke a hole in the top of the bags for the hooks. Paper items and books can be placed in plastic bags. They can be then packed in a container. Keep in mind that smaller goods can also be protected from the rain inside a bag.

Try to wrap everything you can
Keep in mind that moving blankets are not waterproof. So, you should consider plastic covers like shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping larger pieces such as furniture, wood shelves and mattresses will keep them dry and clean. You can seal boxes with heavy-duty tape. You can then wrap them to keep moisture out.

Try to shorten distances
Make sure to move all of your boxes into one room such as the living room or even the garage. This usually cuts back on the need to traipse through the house all wet.

Go for a cover
You can look for ways to set up a temporary cover over where you will be walking. You can use a popup tent between the home door and the truck. You can simply hang a tarp over the path. This way you may be able to offset a lot of the rain.

Try to use makeshift mats
You can lay sheets of cardboard in the entryway and also along the path between the door and the truck. You can even place old sheets, rugs or carpets on floors of the home where helpers will be walking.

Try to start with plastic tubs or other plastic items first. By the time you need to move fragile items or items without boxes, the rain might lessen! After wrapping appliances and electronic equipment, wait until the rain stops. This way you can transport them. You can, thus, make sure they are well covered and away from water during the shift.

How do your professional movers deal with rain?

Professional movers will try hard to move your belongings, as scheduled. However, you and the crew leader needs to decide that it is safe to do so. They might cover your items in shrink wrap to keep them as dry as possible. However, keep in mind that shrink wrap is made to protect against dust, not water. There is no guarantee that it will provide 100% protection for your items. Also, you need to take into account that when moving in the rain it will be a slower process than it would be on a perfect sunny day. Keep in mind that wrapping your belongings takes time. Similarly, finding the proper footing in the rain is necessary.

In case you have the flexibility to reschedule your moving date, you can actually go for it. When your Florida movers get there, they usually wait 30 minutes to an hour to see if the rain will die down. They take no waiting charges in this case. In case the rain continues getting harder, you can give the office of the moving company a call as soon as possible. They usually consider the case and get you re-scheduled for the next available move. In case you decide to reschedule before the men begin working, then you will not be charged anything for the rainy day visit. Make sure to utilize the extra time to tie up loose ends. You must double-check your pack job. You might even get some extra rest!

In order to avoid inclement weather during your move, you can check the weather report a few days prior to your scheduled move date. In case you see a high chance of rain, you can just reschedule your move. Keep in mind that a genuine South Florida moving company always have your best interests in mind. They will never go for a step that can have negative consequences, putting you and your belongings into danger.


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