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moving tasks

5 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day

Moving is taxing. You will have to plan beforehand. You might have hired one of the topmost moving companies to do your taxing job. But, you will have to take some responsibilities yourself. Here are 5 tasks that you need to complete before moving day: Update your address Try to contact the post office beforehand. Put in a change of address before the moving day arrives. It usually ...
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unwanted furniture

How to Sell or Dispose Unwanted Furniture in Florida?

At the time of moving to Florida, you are often told to de-clutter. You might be successful in separating the junk items from the useful ones. However, you just cannot throw away these useless items randomly. You need to dispose of these items the right way. Say yes to donation You might consider donating some of your items while moving. You might have to haul your old furniture ...
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packing and moving services

Why do you Need Moving and Packing Services?

When you have many items to move or you are moving with your family or you are moving for the very first time, try hiring a good moving company. Of course, there are other situations also where you should hire a moving company. Going for a Home Assessment A genuine moving company will send an estimator to your place. He will assess the details of your move. He ...
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moving preparation

How to be Ready for Moving Day?

Moving day can be pretty hectic, more so if you are without any preparations. Here are some tips that will help you to be ready for moving day: Make a firm decision You need to prepare the moving day checklist. However, it starts only after you make the most important decision: whether to hire the professional services of a top rated moving company or go for a DIY ...
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Office Moving Checklist: A Guide

Moving an entire office to a different place is a daunting task in itself. Although it’s not an easy task, planning before, during and after office move can make office relocation smooth and efficient. Here is a good moving checklist to help you: Come up with an office relocation plan beforehand You must have a relocation plan beforehand. Rushing can be highly risky here! There are certain indicators ...
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moving insurance

Do you need Moving Insurance in South Florida?

Moving accidents can happen, even if you take multiple preventive measures. This is when moving insurance comes into play. These offer protection for your items that get damaged during a move. Moving companies cannot sell insurance directly. However, as per federal law, genuine moving companies need to provide valuation options. Many third-party insurance providers can offer you insurance policies. What are the available insurance options? Released value protection ...
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storage options

How to Choose the Right Storage Size?

At the time of packing and moving, you will have to make a lot of decisions. Most of the times, you will not know what to do with all the items that you would like to save. You can actually store some of your items in a storage unit. This is the proper way of keeping your items safe and protected. However, try to find the right storage ...
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What Types of Moving Boxes do you Need?

At the time of choosing moving boxes, you will have to keep two things in mind: need and cost. Get new moving boxes for moving your finest and most expensive items. Else, you can go for used ones. However, in any case, you should make sure that the moving box is sturdy. What are the various types of moving boxes? 1.5 cubic foot moving box This box is ...
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office moving tips

Moving Tips for Commercial Moves

Commercial moves can be tough to handle, especially when you do not have it all planned! You certainly cannot do a last-minute commercial move. It can be way too risky! Here are the top moving tips for a successful commercial move: Notify your employees about the move This is the very first step to go for. Do it beforehand. Usually, employees do take time to plan for office ...
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Is it Worth to Hire Services of a South Florida Professional Mover?

The very idea of moving is pretty exciting as well as tiring. It often causes a rush of emotions! Hiring a reliable moving company in South Florida, such as the SMS Moving, is a smart alternative to doing it yourself. There is no doubt that hiring a moving company makes your relocation way easier. This process is cost effective. At the same time, the professional South Florida packers ...
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