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October 31 2019
tipping movers

How Much to Tip Movers: A Go-To Guide

You need to be smart when tipping movers. Is it compulsory to tip movers? There is no rule-book that you need to stick to while tipping movers. The most important thing is that you should appreciate the hard work put in by your movers. However, you need not over-tip your movers. After all, you might…

October 07 2019
moving adventure

5 Reasons Why Moving is an Adventure

We often hear that people avoid moving at all costs. But, what's often never heard is how exciting moving into a new place really is, regardless of whether that’s down the road, across town, or on the other side of the country. Here are the top 5 reasons why moving is an adventure: Making new…

September 26 2019
eco friendly moving

Tips to Make the Moving Process More Eco-Friendly

Moving might not be exactly an environmentally-friendly process. However, you can certainly turn it into one! Keep in mind that moving boxes are recyclable. However, many movers accumulate a lot of trash and waste a lot of materials. This can impact the environment negatively. Here are some top ways to make a more environmentally friendly…

September 09 2019
moving in to a smaller home

4 Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space

Moving to a smaller home will save you money, but it can be a stressful experience. Say you were moving to Fort Lauderdale and you’d want to learn everything about the city as well as use these four tips for moving into a smaller home that will help you through the process. Here are the…

August 28 2019
beaches in Florida

Best Beaches in Florida

South Florida is known to have plenty of beautiful beaches. Here are the most prominent beaches in South Florida: South Beach South Beach is one of the most prominent beaches in the world. This beach is surrounded by plenty of restaurants and bars. The beach is famous for its characteristic clear waters. Also, it has…

August 13 2019
moving tasks

5 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day

Moving is taxing. You will have to plan beforehand. You might have hired one of the topmost moving companies to do your taxing job. But, you will have to take some responsibilities yourself. Here are 5 tasks that you need to complete before moving day: Update your address Try to contact the post office beforehand.…

July 29 2019
unwanted furniture

How to Sell or Dispose Unwanted Furniture in Florida?

At the time of moving to Florida, you are often told to de-clutter. You might be successful in separating the junk items from the useful ones. However, you just cannot throw away these useless items randomly. You need to dispose of these items the right way. Say yes to donation You might consider donating some…

July 12 2019
packing and moving services

Why do you Need Moving and Packing Services?

When you have many items to move or you are moving with your family or you are moving for the very first time, try hiring a good moving company. Of course, there are other situations also where you should hire a moving company. Going for a Home Assessment A genuine moving company will send an…

June 25 2019
moving preparation

How to be Ready for Moving Day?

Moving day can be pretty hectic, more so if you are without any preparations. Here are some tips that will help you to be ready for moving day: Make a firm decision You need to prepare the moving day checklist. However, it starts only after you make the most important decision: whether to hire the…

June 13 2019

Office Moving Checklist: A Guide

Moving an entire office to a different place is a daunting task in itself. Although it’s not an easy task, planning before, during and after office move can make office relocation smooth and efficient. Here is a good moving checklist to help you: Come up with an office relocation plan beforehand You must have a…