It might be a big concern for many in Florida: whether to move during the week or at the weekend. However, it is a valid concern to have since it is related to the price. This type of concern actually gives an opportunity for a different relocation and how it will go for you. As…

Are Movers in Florida more expensive on Weekends?

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It might be a big concern for many in Florida: whether to move during the week or at the weekend. However, it is a valid concern to have since it is related to the price. This type of concern actually gives an opportunity for a different relocation and how it will go for you. As a result, you make your decision based on the day you pick for moving.

There are many aspects of the relocation process that may influence your decision of the time to move like convenience. When you have a family in Florida, you need to think about the time of the move all the more. You have to be more certain about your decision since it involves not just you but other family members. For the same, you need to weigh the various pros and cons of a move during the weekend and moving during the week.

How much does it cost to move during the week?

This is a significant question that arises at the time of moving in Florida. In usual, movers charge more on peak times for relocation. These include the summer, on holidays, the first and last several days of the month and on weekends. On the contrary, the time when Florida moving companies are less busy are the months from October to April, the weekdays and the days during the month. Thus, you must ask yourself is it cheaper to move during the week because the time to do it matters.

You need to consider one more aspect that can put your costs down. It is whether you are able to be flexible regarding the date of your moving day. In general, movers can charge you less if you agree to move on another day. Thus, they can ask you to pay a smaller amount since on one direction with their truck they will carry your items and on the other. However, this is a good way to arrange a day off for you so you can meet the movers at your new home. It also allows you to check that everything was transferred safely.

If you consider moneywise, there could be a difference between moving during the week and moving in one weekend. Weekends are the time when most people choose to move. So, Florida movers are busier and costs for your relocation could be higher. This clearly implies that you may find it harder to get to reliable weekend movers or weekend moving truck deals quickly as good deals and offers are taken away fast. It is even the same when the weekends match a holiday.

Is it a good decision to move during the week?

For establishing which option is cheaper for you – moving during the week or the weekend, get as many quotes as you can. Movers will let you know what your relocation will cost you. However, the price is not the only thing to consider at the time of choosing your moving day. You need to take some other important things into account as well.

How to ensure a convenient move?

In case you are moving during the week, you will have to take a day off from work to make the relocation. In case you have children, you need to smartly plan as to who will take them to and from school that day or arrange an off day for them as well. In case they are grown up enough they can help you pack. You can allow them to wrap up some of their personal belongings like clothes and toys. You might have less time to do the packing right on a weekday. Additionally, make sure to consider the traffic you will have to encounter during the week and at the weekends. You can consider going through less busy streets when you are moving in your car.

When you decide to move during the weekend, there are high chances that you will all be available. Make sure to get a good night sleep the day before, go to bed early and on moving day get up early. However, you might be tired from work so an option for you is to find helpers by hiring local Florida movers. During the weekend, you can also ask friends or relatives to come and help you with your moving without feeling much obliged since most of them are likely to be free.

However, if you decide to be moving house on a weekend, you might be able to check the utilities immediately after your arrival. In case there is a problem, you can solve it right away.

When you are moving during the weekend

After your move is over please remember to come back and share with us your moving story, whether you chose to move during the week or through the weekend.
Usually, movers have the capacity to complete your move better during the week. When scheduling your moving day with a mover, try to do it as earlier as possible. Though most of the moving companies may be willing to complete your move on the date you want, they may not be able to do so for these reasons.

You must give the moving companies in Florida an opportunity to prepare your move professionally. So, ask for a quote. You can ask the company as to what the price will be if you want to move during the weekend.

Which is the most convenient time for relocation?

When you are a salary-person with a regular full day 9 to 5 job that keeps you busy during the day except for the weekend and holidays, time is the top factor that you need to consider. However, if you are taking convenience into account, then get the advantage of your own availability to organize your own move and take the time to do it when you have it. If you don’t want to hire moving labor and prefer calling on friends, then you will be needing helpers. The helpers are likely to be available when you are!


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