How to Save Money When Moving House?

July 25 2016
money saving tips for moving house

Moving to a new home can certainly prove to be a demanding experience. The amount of investment required both in terms of time and money can certainly be daunting. However, with the right moving house advice you can definitely save on those expenses if you can follow those moving house tips on how to save money when moving house.

During the chaos associated with employing moving and packing services, it can be easy to get lost and end up paying more than what you really need to. The way to overcome this is to stay organized and to keep track of all your possessions so that you don’t end up paying to transport belongings you don’t actually need.

Tips to save money before moving out

1. Knock off items you don’t need

While this can be an extremely time-consuming exercise, it is one of the sure shot ways to cut down on your costs for moving and packing services. Since movers & packers charge according to weight, knocking off items you don’t really need transported to your new house will certainly help bring down your moving costs. to In addition that, it also makes your packing experience a lot simpler since you only have to pack up items that you will definitely need at the new house. This is by far one of the more important moving house tips you can follow to save money when moving home.

2. Get several quotes

It is absolutely vital that you contact different companies that offer moving and packing services. That way, you can obtain several different moving quotes and then make an informed decision regarding which company is best suited to your budget. It is imperative that you provide each company with accurate information regarding the belongings you plan to move so that the quotes you receive are more accurate. This will not only serve as one of the important moving house tips but it will also help you narrow down the options available to you.

3. Have a moving checklist in place

You cannot possibly hope to cut down on your expenses without being organized. If you plan to save money with some helpful moving tips, you absolutely must have a moving checklist in place to help you save money before moving out. There are several handy lists available online at websites that offer moving house advice. You can pick one that suits your needs. Planning all your tasks in advance will not only help you prepare and be ready before your movers & packers arrive but it will also help you track every dollar you spend.

4. Book your moving and packing services early on

Making a detailed list of all the services you will require takes time. Leaving such tasks for the last minute can prove to be catastrophic in terms of last minute additions to your moving bill. Planning beforehand and having the companies evaluate everything you plan to move can definitely help you save money before moving out. Companies can get very busy during peak season and the closer the booking date to your move, higher will be the charges.

5. Pack items yourself

While it is a good idea to have professionals handle your move, packing items yourself can prove to be one of the more helpful save money while moving tips. Simple items that do not require professional competence for dismantling can be handled yourself. You can always speak to friends and family members and ask for advice. There are also several videos available online that offer good moving house advice regarding packing and moving house tips.

6. Use second hand boxes for packing

Another good way to save money when moving home is to collect second hand boxes for your packing needs. Supermarkets are a good place to acquire such boxes but you are better off asking your movers & packers to lend you the boxes you need. This way, you can be sure that the boxes are of standard quality. Another way to cut down on packing supplies is to use your towels and bedding to pack around items. That way, you do not require additional supplies and you will be transporting those items to your new house anyway.

7. Change utility providers

When moving house, good moving house advice may mean changing your utility providers. Sometimes, switching to another provider can offer significant savings. However, you need to ensure that the savings you receive offset any penalties or exit fees incurred on cancellation of the existing contract. Switching to a more cost-effective service provider can definitely help you save money when moving home not only in the short term but also in the long run.

8. Manage your food well

This is an important part of your checklist with save money while moving tips. Planning your move well will provide you with an accurate picture of how long the entire process is likely to take. Go through all the meal items you have in your house and take stock. Once you have your list ready, you can then plan out your meals in a manner that uses up all the food items you currently have stocked without wasting any food. In this manner, you also end up saving money on eating out or ordering takeaways.

9. Sell off items you don’t need

Another way to save money before moving out is to sell off items you don’t require anymore. Gadgets and appliances you no longer require and old clothes that are in perfectly good condition but don’t fit you any more are good examples of items you can sell off. Find a good website that will help you sell them online or alternatively, you can have a garage sale. As a last resort, you could always donate them to charity. While this will not fetch you any money, it will certainly reduce your load, which will bring down your transportation costs.

We hope the above save money when moving tips prove to be useful to you and help you save money when you’re moving home next time!

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How to Save Money When Moving House?
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How to Save Money When Moving House?
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