5 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day

August 13 2019
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Moving is taxing. You will have to plan beforehand. You might have hired one of the topmost moving companies to do your taxing job. But, you will have to take some responsibilities yourself.

Here are 5 tasks that you need to complete before moving day:

Update your address
Try to contact the post office beforehand. Put in a change of address before the moving day arrives. It usually takes around ten days after notification to begin receiving mail at the new home or office address. You will also have to go for an official address change. This way you can make sure that bank and credit card statements and other information are received on a daily basis.

Deal with the utility company changes
You must give the utility companies advanced notice of move dates. This is a vital step. This way they can send out a technician to go through the meter on move day. Make sure to do away with any billing for the new resident’s usage. Make sure to set up the utilities at your new house. It feels good when the lights are on once you arrive, right?

De-clutter and pack well
De-clutter! This will certainly make your move more convenient. Consider what items you truly require. You are likely to have a lot of junk in your new place. Get rid of these. Whether those are old torn books, old clothes that you will never wear, useless items or any such things, try to dispose of them off. Be objective here! There is no point in moving certain useless items just to brush your own sentiments! It might end up costing you a lot in the end. Take items that are worth the cost!

You can consider donating certain items. You can sell some. Whatever you do, do it prior to the arrival of the moving day. When you have fewer items to move, it gets easier for you to handle.

You will have to focus on packing as well. Pack smart. And, pack the right items! Choose the right boxes for your items. You are likely to require different sizes of boxes. Label the packing boxes well. When you label your moving boxes, your unpacking process gets easier.

Arrange smartly
If you are going for a DIY move, you will have to arrange a lot of things on your own. The worst part is that you will come across many hidden costs that might make you regret your decision!

It is better to go for a good professional moving company. When you have the right moving company to back you up, it saves you a good deal of time. You are also saved from personal injuries and damages on your property. In order to choose the right moving company, make sure to get recommendations from your reliable friends and family members. You must contact the shortlisted moving companies. Go for a moving company that provides you with prompt and honest data. The moving company should also provide you with guaranteed pricing. This will provide you with a seamless move.

Clean well
You cannot leave your old place untidy! You need to make sure that it is clean before you leave the place. You can take some time in advance of moving day to deal with the cleaning tasks. Deep clean carpets, clean under appliances and furniture, clean the windows, etc. You need to make sure that home is well-prepared for new residents before you leave the place yourself. Thus, you will have to be responsible.

There are some other things that you will have to keep in mind as well. Try to go for an eco-friendly move. For this, you might have to skip the cardboard boxes. Do away with too much taping and bubble wrap as well.

You can consider setting up an account with a new bank. This is important if you are moving to a new country. Do so prior to closing out your old bank account. In case you set up a new bank account ahead of time, you might not have to pay fees to use ATM machines. Thus, you will end up saving a good deal of money. Prior to moving, you must check the area well.

In case you use prescription medication, you might be required to set up that prescription at a drug store in your new area. You might have to call your doctors. You might have to send all of your prescriptions to a new area. Deal with this ahead of time. It will be more than difficult to deal with all these, later on.

Try not to pack your closet. You can ask your hired movers to bring multiple wardrobe boxes on a moving day. The movers are well-trained to put clothing right on the hangers. You will be saved from doing the task of ironing as well!

You can prepare for a small farewell-party before the arrival of the moving day. Some of you might get too sentimental with the idea of moving. In that case, a small party with your neighbors and friends can ease your pain! However, stay away from any sort of after-party mess. Do not add to the moving mess already!

You can get some of the rooms unpacked beforehand. You can unpack the bathrooms in advance. This will reduce the level of chaos on a moving day.

Get familiar with the new place. Do so in advance. As such, it takes time to accept a new place at your house. However, it can get easier for you if you are a bit familiar with the new house, your new neighbors, your new locality, etc.

Also, you should plan to unpack and organize your stuff in a short time period, once you reach your new place. This will make you feel ‘settled’ at your new place.

Also, try to make a floor plan of the new house for the movers. This way they will have an idea of which items go where.

5 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day
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5 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day
Moving is taxing. You will have to plan beforehand. You might have hired one of the topmost moving companies to do your taxing job. But, you will have to take some responsibilities yourself.
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