5 Moving and Packing Tips For Every Type of Move

September 16 2018
moving and packing tips

Moving is considered to be highly daunting. However, following the right moving and packing tips, you can make it a fun experience.

Here are the top 5 moving and packing tips for every type of move:

Make sure to start early
You need to make preparations for packing and moving beforehand. It is crucial to get an early start. You can start with the basic packing process almost one month advance to your moving date. When you finish off your little moving-related tasks in time, it gives you a sense of freedom and relaxation.

You should move boxes around your house so that they are not in your way.You can take ampletime and pace yourself accordingly. Try to avoid that panicked crunch the week before you move. You might have to cut down your normal hours of sleep in order to get the packing done. After all, the packing process takes a good deal of your overall moving time.

Get just the right boxes
Try not to move all of your prized possessions in a beat up Amazon boxes that have already been through the system once. There is no need to pay for boxes. Keep in mind that there are plenty of people looking to get rid of their boxes on Craigslist and local Freecycle forums. You can score really well. Make sure to go for quality boxes from your office or from local businesses like liquor stores and bookstores without paying a dime.

But, keep in mind that there is a downside to getting all of your boxes for free. You are not guaranteed of good quality.In usual, pests love to hitch a ride on cardboard boxes and would be happy to make your belongings their new home. So, in case you are willing to pay, it might be worth it for your peace of mind. If you have a chance, go for quality boxes than that you get free boxes.

Consider purging Before You Start Packing
It’s never too early to start throwing away the crap you that is highly useless to you. You can do it as soon as you know you’re going to move. Do not stop chucking the nonsense until the day the movers show up.

You might arrange a garage sale or party and invite all your friends to come take or buy everything you want to get rid of. In case you really wanted, you could even host your own estate sale and really clean house.

Clean while you pack and make preparations
It is not a good idea to clean while you or your movers are bringing everything in. They might want to know where you want your bookshelves. You’ll be busily trying to wipe off years’ old dust that you could have handled before you left your old place. Make sure to clean as you go. This will keep things simple once the moving is complete.

Keep in mind that you might get tired when you get to your destination. Of course, you will be happier to move clean furniture into a new space that is exclusively clean!

Make sure to label Everything
At the time of moving, your movers might not keep an inventory of your belongings. They might just end up tossing it on an empty truck. They might then empty that truck of all your things on the other end of your move. Whatever the case is, you should label all of your boxes and keep your own inventory. You might even go a step further and use QR codes to manage your inventory and keep things digital and private. This way the movers will not know what is contained in each of the boxes.

Your movers should keep and provide you with their own inventory of your belongings. However, you should know what’s in each box. Keep in mind that if one of them goes missing, it will be easier for you to replace exactly what was lost. You might even file a police report if it’s particularly valuable. You can then file an insurance claim for the value of the items inside.

There are some other little tips that you can follow as well. You can ship stuff to your new home. Keep in mind that boxes containing books are among the heaviest ones to move. Whenyou have gone through your personal library and identified books to donate or sell, box up the keepers and send them the U.S. Postal Service.

Make sure to save all of your receipts. Whenyou are moving for work, you can deduct many of your moving expenses. Make sure to save those receipts. You might have bought boxes instead of getting them for free. You might as well have paid to have movers haul your stuff. You might have shipped books USPS or you might have bought rolls of tape and bubble wrap to make sure everything survived the move. Whatever the case is, keep a track of the expenses.

Have the mindset as if you are packing like you are going on vacation. When you start packing, you should make sure that everything fits perfectly in these boxes.Keep in mind that you just cannot toss it all in the box it’s going to go.You need keep some basic packing tips in mind as you progress. This way you’ll save space and time. You can take little steps like rolling your shirts and towels, using the bundle method to wrap things like shoes inside jackets etc.

Make sure to wait until the movers arrive before attempting to move large furniture. Make sure to pack hard-to-reach items or pack any other items that are heavy or fragile. When you must move these kinds of items before moving day, be sure to ask friends and family for help. Keep in mind that even a minor injury or undue physical strain can be harmful to your overall health. It might make the move take longer.