4 Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space

September 09 2019
moving in to a smaller home

Moving to a smaller home will save you money, but it can be a stressful experience. Say you were moving to Fort Lauderdale and you’d want to learn everything about the city as well as use these four tips for moving into a smaller home that will help you through the process.

Here are the top 4 tips for moving into a smaller space:

Sort through all of your items
This is the most effective way to downsize during your move. Figure out as to which are the items that you truly need. Prior to going through the items in your home, make sure to sit down and prepare a list of what you truly need. This list should consist of items that will be of some use to you at some point. These might be items that you need on a daily basis.

Moving is the perfect time when you can figure out as to which items you have in duplicate. Thus, you can get rid of the extra items. After all, a lot of items take a lot of space. Then, you can figure out which items you could replace with smaller versions. Your aim should be to save as much space as possible. In this process, you might have to sell some items and donate some.

Consider selling or donating
Whether you wish to sell or donate, it is all up to you. Keep in touch with your personal preferences. However, no matter whichever option you go for, make sure that the items are in good condition, at least to some extent. Your sentiments might be attached to some of the items. Try to get rid of these! Be as objective as you can, if you truly wish to increase space.

You can consider selling items that are really expensive. You can also consider donating cheaper items. These might include duplicate ones. You can also try to sell or donate clothes that are used gently. Your friends or family members might want some of the items. Think rationally!

Start early
It is never too early to start. This is the most important tip to follow when it comes to downsizing during a move. This will make the process easy for you. When you have decided to move into a smaller space, just get into business! When you plan ahead, you are able to take care of a room every week. Thus, you can carry out the process in a systematic way. Also, you can manage time wisely and end up with great results.

You must start preparing your lists of necessary items and items that you want to dispose off. In case you plan to donate items or sell them online, try to get rid of the items whenever you can. This will encourage you to downsize further.

Go for a proper storage unit
Storage units are too important. However, in case you have certain items that you cannot get rid of but will not have space for in your new place, just rent one. When it comes to keeping items in storage space, make sure to keep those that you truly want to keep there! Make sure to use your storage unit for items that you truly need to love!

Make sure not to overlook the storage options within your new place. When you are aware of the storage space, you can truly optimize the available space. You can go for under-bed storage containers. You can also go for interior storage. You can install a good number of shelves if you require them. Make sure that you have this additional space for items.

There are some other important tips that can help you as well. Try to keep bigger items on the perimeter of rooms. When it comes to placing and setting up your large furniture items, you need to be smart. Try to keep the larger items up against the wall. Do not keep them in the middle of the floor.

You can look for folding furniture. These serve a lot of purposes. Go for furniture items that will save you space as well as money. You can go for desks and dining tables that come in various styles. You can easily put these away to free up a good deal of space. You can also find furniture that serves many purposes.

You can use mirrors as well. Mirrors add a good deal of light as well as apparent space into rooms. So, use these to your advantage. You can go for one large mirror. Also, you can arrange a few small mirrors throughout a room. You can bring your creative ideas forward as well.

Do away with the clutter of any kind. Less is more! Focus on arranging and setting up a small place really well. Keep less number of items. Above all, be mindful at the time of de-cluttering. Make sure that there is enough space to move. Also, you should be able to maintain utility.

You can start by calculating the total space in your new place. This way you can come up with a strategic plan. You can include the space in each room of your house. You must also include basement storage, attic storage, bike storage, closets, kitchen cabinets, shelving, etc.

When you know well, you can use all your options well. Try to go through storage areas first. Make some vital eliminations. Look into attics, basements, garages, and closets. Most of these tend to accumulate unused items. You are likely to come across many such items.

Once you have been through an extensive purge, try to get rid of all unimportant items. Go shelf by shelf. This will help you to make good decisions.

You can empty out each shelf and drawer. This is a good way to start off.

When it comes to the packing process, make sure to organize your items into boxes. You can stack medical supplies separately in clear plastic tubs. You can then compile your documents in specific boxes. Also, you can move silverware inside its tray.
A storage unit can be highly useful when it comes to small business inventory, craft supplies, holiday decorations, etc. So go to the right unit.

You need to be smart at the time of downsizing!