4 Simple Moving Tips for First Time Homeowners

December 17 2018

Moving is the actually the right time to downsize. It applies to all the moving-related cases. Some of you opt to downsize to save money on rent or their mortgage. However, some of you like clutter because it might remind you of some splendid memories!

Here are the top 4 simple moving tips for first-time homeowners:

Start the preparations early
At the time of handling moving preparations, remember that it is never too early. In fact, the most vital piece of advice for downsizing during a move is to begin really early. When you are clear that you will be moving into a smaller space, you must get to work. Keep in mind that going through an entire home or apartment can seem daunting. However, in case you plan early, you can take care of a room each week or even one room a month. If you deal with space steadily, it might seem manageable. You need to start making your lists of important items you know you can get rid of right away.

If you have plans to donate items or sell them, you can get rid of the items gradually. When you declutter step by step, you can see your progress. This will provide you with more confidence at the time of moving for the first time.

Sort well and early
The best way to downsize during your move is to be clear within yourself. You should be honest to yourself as per what you truly need. Prior to starting to go through the items in your house, sit down and make a list of what the must-have items. These should include the items that you use on a daily basis and the essentials.

Try to figure out which items you could actually get along without. You need to recognize the items that you have in duplicate. Assemble the duplicate items and get rid of these! You need to focus on the smaller items as well. These might include items that you never use. Keep in mind that a good number of small items can add up to take up a good amount of room. You would also require to figure out which items you could replace with smaller versions. Such items might include your couch or living room set, your TV and your kitchen table.

If you are staying in a large space, the items are likely to be huge. You can actually save a good amount of space by selling them. You can very well go for smaller versions for your new place.

Try to sell or donate items
Based on your personal preference, you can decide to sell or donate the items you decide you no longer need. However, make sure that the items are in good condition. In case you find it really difficult to get rid of that unnecessary TV, the additional money you get from selling it might help convince you.

When selling and donating items, you need to be alert. You can pretty much sell the items that are more expensive. You can actually donate cheaper things. You can get rid of the duplicate dishes and less used clothing that you won’t wear any longer. You must consider asking if any of your friends or relatives are in need of the items that you do not need or use anymore. This will make it easier for you to get rid of items, especially those with an emotional attachment. After all, you would know that such items would be going to a good home!

Go for a proper storage unit
Usually, storage units are not for everyone. Now, there are some items that you cannot get rid of but will not have space for in your new place, you can go for the option of renting. You must make sure that you do not use a storage unit as an excuse to keep items that you should not. This does not resolve the issue at all. This way you can rent a larger unit that might cost more every month. You can use your storage unit for items you cannot tolerate to part with.

In the meantime, you can do away with the storage options within your new home. This can let you make better use of the available space. You can go for under-bed storage containers and ottomans that have interior storage. You can install more shelves if you require them. If you have additional space for items, you can easily choose which items make the cut.

Why hire a reliable Mover?

Before going for a moving company in South Florida, you must research well. You must search online to find reviews for local Florida movers. Try to find out which moving companies have the best ratings. You can then visit their websites.

If you have shortlisted the companies, you can pretty much start asking questions. Gather quotes. Then, compare damage and insurance policies. You can share your moving date with them. You can then lock it down. To do away with hidden fees due to quick bookings in the last minute, you need to fix and book your appointment with a moving company well. Try to do it six weeks prior to your moving date. You should never aim for less than two weeks.

Why focus on packing early?

Packing is a vital step. Keep in mind that packing doesn’t have to be stressful always. You can start with packing your decorative items first. Just put the exclusive items away first. This way you do not have to worry about where they are until later. You can just start with room by room and mark boxes accordingly. You can do this along the way to make it easier when it’s time to unpack. Take inventory of what you’re packing to keep. You can make a copy for yourself and your mover. Thus, in case any items get misplaced in the way, it would be beneficial to you.


  1. Great tips! Moving will come before you know it! So let’s get prepared. Homeownership is one of life’s secret pleasures. But I feel that before you pack up to feel that feeling for yourself, you should make a checklist for moving.

  2. Running a house can be like running a business. You’ve made some really good points here. When I was moving to my first home, I took the responsibilities seriously and did a lot of research. It really helped me. Thanks for sharing this amazing article!

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