24 Tips For Packing A Garage For Moving

February 11 2019

Here are the top 24 tips for packing a garage for moving:

Initiate the packing process early
Your garage might require a long time to be sorted out and packed up properly. So, initiate the packing process as soon as your residential move has been confirmed.

Prepare your moving calendar
Get your moving calendar. Make sure the entry pack garage has top priority status in it. If you leave that task for much later in your preparations, you might run short of time later on.

Get down with the business
You must supply the proper packing supplies firstly. You can never begin packing without the right supplies. The important supplies are cardboard boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing paper or newsprint etc.

Gather all of the packing supplies
In order to pack a garage, have the packing materials that are required. When you can afford to buy them brand new from a local moving company, then you should do it.

Gather strong and sturdy cardboard boxes
You need sturdy boxes to hold your garage items safely. Have moving containers in different sizes because of the various shapes and sizes of the things you’re about to pack inside them.

Bubble wrap for the more fragile and valuable items
You might be required to bubble wrap certain items found in your storage area. This wrap is an air-filled plastic material that provides good protection for delicate and breakable things.

Get moving blankets
Moving blankets are very important. They provide excellent protection. Their protective area is big enough to keep larger items perfectly safe during transportation.

Have plenty of small plastic re-sealable bags
You might require many small plastic bags to keep tiny parts from being lost while they are being transported together with the larger garage tools. Keep in mind that the small elements should accompany the main object they are taken from.

Have a ready set of color markers
Label your already packed cardboard boxes with color markers. These markers will prevent mistakes regarding what’s what in each container. This will cause you to lose additional time.

Sort all the items in your garage
You can designate two large zones and place all the items you’re taking with you in one zone. You can then leave the rest into the second one.

Keep those garage items away that are forbidden for transportation for safety reasons
Your movers won’t move the forbidden items for you. These include fuel, oils, paint and paint thinners, propane tanks, cleaning supplies and others are considered dangerous.

Get the list of items that are not supposed to pack due to their hazardous nature
There are certain items that should not be packed since they are either flammable, corrosive, or explosive or dangerous in some way. Get rid of these items prior to the move.

Plan what you will do with all the non-hazardous things you don’t need any more
You must know what you would do with the useless items. You can organize a moving sale and attempt to pocket some cash from the possessions that still have a decent market value.

Go ahead with the packing process
Consider placing all smaller hand tools you have screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, etc. in your toolbox and keep them there during the house move. The sharp edges and cutting blades of your garden tools need to be made safe with the help of blankets or sheets of bubble wrap.

Pack the garage tools
You can use sturdy cardboard boxes of small to medium size to accommodate your garage hand tools. Such tools are known to be pretty heavy. So, don’t pack them in large boxes since they will quickly add to the overall weight.

Take certain precautions at the time of packing sharp-edge garage and garden tools
Such items include saws and knives of a different kind, gardening sheers, pickaxes, rakes, hoes, scythes, etc. You can use old blankets, old towels or sheets of bubble wrap to cover the sharp edges or blades. You can then secure the wrapped up parts with pieces of string, rope, or even zip ties.

Use special techniques
Any garden tools you own with long handles need to be grouped together and tied as a tight bundle. These need to be protected with blankets or towels as described above. Make sure they are clean.

Find the original packages
When you own any electric power tools, then you need to find their original packages for top protection. Else, you can detach any removable parts, coil the power cord around the tool, wrap the entire body in bubble wrap.

Dealing with fuel
Moving companies do not transport any gas-operated equipment you own. You need to drain the fuel completely for the same. You can siphon the fuel out with the help of a hand pump. It is dangerous to leave even a small amount of fuel in the tank of gas operated machinery during transport.

Avoid making packing mistakes
In case your garage was used mainly as a storage area, your garage may have all kinds of odds and ends. Thus, you must know how to pack the various items found inside it. If not, you can take advice from a professional moving company.

Get special bike boxes if needed
In case you own a bicycle or bicycles, then you should know that there are special bike boxes you can purchase from your nearest bike shop. Most of the times, you can simply load your bike into the moving vehicle.

Take care of your motorcycle
Your garage might contain a motorcycle. If you do not intend to drive your own motor vehicle, you can contact a top-rated auto transportation company to arrange the details.

Try to use the power of photographs
You can take photos of how your garage is assembled. Such photographs can help you later after the move is over.

Label carefully
You must label properly. With a black marker pen, write GARAGE on all of the boxes. You can write down any special handling instructions, such as FRAGILE etc.

Gather tips from professionals
If you feel like that a specific task is too tough for you, take help from a professional local mover.