Year: 2017

May 31 2017

 10 things to do to protect your belongings when you’re moving

The business of shifting your base can be chaotic and messy. It gets more convoluted when you have a series of specialty items or valuable objects to transfer. In a state of such a commotion, moving your belongings can suffer unbearable damage. However, with a few safety measures you can keep your luxurious as well as daily use items safe and sound. All you need to do is follow these expert tips:

May 31 2017

  What to Pack Yourself & What Not to Pack When Moving

There are various aspects of moving that bother people from a couple of months before the actual day of moving. Packing is one of those things. Whether to pack on your own or wait for the hired moving services to come and do it, people often go into a dilemma thinking about the right answer to this concern. Packing on your own surely saves money but it puts you under pressure of doing it the right way. If not done properly it puts your valuables at a great risk of abuse during the journey. Expert movers know the tactics to do it the right way and know which packing material is the best to provide protection.

May 31 2017

Top 6 Tips for Moving in summer

Summer reminds us of summer vacation and relaxation. Keeping in mind that you might get a longer duration of “off-time” during summer, most of you plan your moving during this sunny season. Though moving in summer might result into blood, sweat and tears, yet with a few precautionary measures, you can make it happen. After all, shifting within your working schedule during the rest of the year is no joke.