Month: July 2017

July 24 2017

 Do’s and Dont’s for Moving a Piano

When you own a piano, you know that one day you might need to move it along with you. It does not matter whether you play it regularly or just keep it as a showpiece. You know you cannot afford to leave it behind. Getting it damaged during transit is the last thing you want.…

July 22 2017

5 Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

Moving is taxing. Sorting and packing all of your beloved items require time and patience. The worst part is that you might not even enjoy doing the task. However, you just need to console yourself by saying in your mind that you are getting started for a new life, probably a better life.Sorting and packing…

July 21 2017

How to Unpack after Moving House

Most people hate unpacking more than they hate packing! Sad but true! For unpacking, you need a stronger plan certain times, especially when you are unpacking after a move to your new home. Moving can be a tricky business as it involves a lot of emotions. Often your emotions get the better of you after…

July 19 2017
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6 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture

Moving in itself might make you sleep-deficient! Moreover, if you have a good number of heavy items or specialty items, then it gets all the more nerve-wracking. Most times you have no clear idea how to ascertain safety pertaining to the shifting of furniture and other valuable goods. You need to follow certain major safety…