What to Pack Yourself & What Not to Pack When Moving

May 31 2017

There are various aspects of moving that bother people from a couple of months before the actual day of moving. Packing is one of those things. Whether to pack on your own or wait for the hired moving services to come and do it, people often go into a dilemma thinking about the right answer to this concern.

Packing on your own surely saves money but it puts you under pressure of doing it the right way. If not done properly it puts your valuables at a great risk of abuse during the journey. Expert movers know the tactics to do it the right way and know which packing material is the best to provide protection.

Proper packing generally involves specialized cartons and materials that is crucial for a safe move. One of the root causes of stress while moving is the treatment of the valuable items while moving. Smart packing eradicates this source of stress for relocating families. It also saves time taken to move in an indirect way. It is a good option to do get the proper packing done, preferably with the mover, two days before the day of actual moving.

When the team from your hired moving company does the packing, be observant and note the methods. It might help you to self-pack the next time! Also it is important for you to keep a vigil for keeping an account of your items. An inventory form is given by the company for you to fill it up. It is done to keep a record of all your goods. Also, it is important for you to know which box contains which items before put your signature on the inventory document. If any doubt, feel free to ask the moving company there and then. Do not hold back. Read the documents carefully and then sign. Make sure all the boxes are properly identified. Valuable or specialty items are easier to get identified through clear labels that should be put on the boxes containing them. It should be mentioned in the form to ensure that you have the right to claim their full value in case of any form of damage. Servicing might need to be arranged for certain appliances before the move. Such servicing can be scheduled by your mover. A genuine moving company always takes care of its customers and makes sure to get the proper inventory form filled up so that they can cover up for any damages caused to their goods during the transition.

One solid point has to be kept in mind before you decide to pack certain things yourself. It is the fact that the movers shall not take responsibility of the items that have not been packed by them. In other words, you need to make sure that whichever item you are packing, should be done perfectly and there should be no chance of damage during the move. If it sounds too risky, let your movers do all the packing.

It is highly recommended by the American Moving & Storage Association that you should rather get the packing boxes and containers from the professional moving company itself than getting a plain cardboard box from the grocery store. The boxes are offered at low prices by the moving companies. Furthermore, the mover can assist and guide you as to how many boxes and what kind of boxes are suitable for your unique items. After all, not all cardboard boxes are well-suited for your valuable items!

Certain plain items such as books, sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, bathing robes, stationary and many other household goods that are not at all breakable, can be packed by you. Still, you need to use well-built boxes and good packing material for these goods if you want to get them back intact at your new home. You can use some of these “cushion-like” items to protect your breakable stuffs from impact shocks. However, once again you need to take the full responsibility of the maintenance of these goods that are packed by you.

A more systematic approach is to first find out what are the overall services offered by a professional moving company. You might be too much in control of your items. But, nevertheless, when you appoint a professional and highly reputed moving company to carry out your business of shifting, you can relax since they have a good name in the market for a reason. They typically, consist of a highly trained team of professionals who carry out their duties with utmost diligence.

A specific list of “non-allowables” should be provided by your moving company itself. “Non-allowables” refer to those things that professional movers won’t transport. The list includes items such as:

  • Flammables
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Alcohol
  • Paints, varnishes, solvents,
  • Household cleaners
  • Ammunition

There are many other things in this category. Get the detailed list from your moving company.
There are certain other simple items as well that your moving company shall not move. Some of the examples are:

  • Frozen or refrigerated food
  • Open food items
  • Plants
  • Fresh herbs
  • Flowers

You should discard such items before moving.

Also, there is a set of items that you should keep handy that is in close proximity:

  • Crucial Medical Prescriptions
  • Stocks, bond papers
  • Identification documents (birth certificate, social security card, pan card, passports etc.)
  • coins and stamps
  • Insurance policies
  • Cash
  • Jewelry

You should separate these things out beforehand so that these do not get mixed up with the other larger items or get misplaced.

However, the bottom line is that get the help of a suitable relocation company to avoid any kind of hassle on the moving day. Not only do they pack, load, move, unpack for you in an orderly manner, they also provide you important info regarding how to get certain things done by yourself. It is important for you to be alert during the packing process. Also packing rules might differ from company to company. Get it clear from the company representative beforehand.

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