Top 6 Tips for Moving in summer

May 31 2017

Summer reminds us of summer vacation and relaxation. Keeping in mind that you might get a longer duration of “off-time” during summer, most of you plan your moving during this sunny season. Though moving in summer might result into blood, sweat and tears, yet with a few precautionary measures, you can make it happen. After all, shifting within your working schedule during the rest of the year is no joke.

Following these guidelines, you are bound to experience a smooth hassle-free move to your new home or office.

Planning beforehand

For a pleasant summer move, start with an early research. Plan early and then can you implement it early. Start planning at least a couple of months ahead. The smartest solution is to book one of the best rated moving companies. The selection of the residential movers should be in process. It is time-taking to find one with a good reputation and credibility. And, most importantly it is not an easy job to find one that suits your needs. Delaying shall cause unnecessary harassment in the last moment. Pack up your valuable antique pieces beforehand as the packing needs to be special. Heat should not be cause damage to your items in any way. It is highly recommended to seek the help of a moving company in order to experience a successful move. Look out for the suitable moving quote that just clicks for you.

Be prepared for the worst and plan accordingly

Candles in a van driving through the desert in the summer will melt all over your other stuff; carry them with you instead. Leather upholstered furniture will “sweat” if wrapped in plastic; use a pad instead. CD’s, videos and cassette tapes can warp in a hot truck. Plan ahead to keep vulnerable items safe from the heat if you want to keep their quality and functionality intact.

Summer relocation can be full of unwelcomed circumstances. Starting from the sudden bad health of a few of the movers to terrible truck breakdowns, summer surprises are not new and can ruin your schedule. So build the schedule in a flexible manner. In case you do not have a backup plan, you might suffer from mental trauma as well if the moving does not take place on the scheduled day. Also, ensure that the electricity is available in the new home, especially if it is as hot in there as the current location.

Moving in the summer is likely to be challenging, especially in certain months when the prices are unusually higher. In the worst scenario, you might experience a highly squeezed schedule, no driver capacity to meet your basic demands for moving services, long gaps etc. all of which result into limited choices. You might not be able to hire the top apartment movers or residential movers in the last moment. As compared to other seasonal moves, summer moves if carried out successfully, can bring to you a special sense of accomplishment!

Be practical-minded

It is nearly challenging to maintain your cool while the moving process. With a high degree of heat and sweat, people involved in moving might get irritated easily. Moving is taxing not only physically but emotionally as well, for you. Summer might increase the degree of labor that is like adding fuel to the fire! Sometimes, the moving company might not give in to the task of moving your stuffs, even if you pay double. So, get logical and fix the schedule at least a couple of months ahead.

Select a week when you have no other engagements

You yourself need to be free, at least the day you are moving to a new place. You need to keep a careful vigil during the packing, loading and moving process. No matter how less items you have, you should never wait for the eleventh hour. Preferably, select a weekday around the middle of the month. Look at the calendar and avoid the busy days.

Take extra care of your kids and pets

If you have children, take every measure to assure them a safe moving experience. Make arrangements for them to play at a different or convenient spot. Your main objective should be to make them stay out of the way of the moving team and cause some unwanted havoc. You can even arrange for a reliable babysitter for one or two weeks or even a month.

It is likely that the child shall get admitted to a new school or has already admitted. Gather all the crucial documents such as the birth certificate, medical reports etc. required for the formality in the new school. Once the packing is done, it is very difficult to get the hold of important documents. It is like searching a needle in the haystack!

You should take a note of the local camps, kid-friendly events and other recreational centers within the close proximity of the new place. Though these things might sound subjective, do not delay in such matters because your child should be able to enjoy the new home and that forms one of your objectives.

Pets such as dogs or cats are needed to be taken care of as well. Make sure to keep them out of the range of the movers.

Be patient with the movers

Remember these professional movers are humans as well. They too tend to get irritated, baffled and exhausted during the shifting process. They might even be in bad health as well. Make sure not to misbehave or shout at the movers under any circumstances. Help them move faster by little showing little but useful etiquettes like offering cold water the entire crew. They are neither robots nor super humans. Allow them to take small breaks in between. Respect their needs, especially if it immensely hot. You might even take a step forward by providing them with lunchboxes. Such gentle gestures shall make them put their heart and soul into your shifting process.

Avoid shifting in summer in case you have other options. However, if there is no other alternative, take these measures and experience an enjoyable summer transition.

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